NeuFutur Records was started in March 2004, as an option for those local bands who would otherwise break up without anyone outside their small circle of friends having the shot to hear them. Our first album, Lancaster Vs. Greencastle, was out July 4th. We are trying to keep our costs down by having a number of concerts and fund-raising activities so that the CDs can be the cheapest possible. The Lancaster Vs. Greencastle compilation, was handed out for free, and we are trying to raise enough funds to ensure that all our CDs are cheap/free. Our compilations should always be free, and I'm hoping that when we move onto specific releases, NeuFutur Records and our bands can ensure that our CDs will always be $5 and under. Any band can submit their music to us at NeuFutur Records, and we will listen to everything that comes across our desk. If everything goes right, we should have our first signed act by the end of the year.


NF 001: Lancaster Vs. Greencastle : A Compilation
NF 002: Seven Paths to Heaven / Seven Ways To Hell
NF 003: Unearthed: Lancaster Music, 1990-2005
NF 004: Double LP / Two Bands
NF 005: Lancaster Compilation 2005


President: J. NeuFutur
Artistic Director: Addy M