Compiler – I Guess That It’s Time That I Go

Compiler – I Guess That It’s Time That I Go / Datawaslost Records / 7 Tracks/

One of the discs that I was sent to review from Datawaslost Records, this is probably the only CD whose packaging rivals the content on the disc. A hallowed out 5 1/4th floppy contains this disc, which sounds like Human Highway-era Neil Young. I would give other comparisons at will, but I am simply not versed in this style of music. Strummy guitars meet with heart-wrenching vocals to create a driving track that will enthrall you to listen. While the recording and sound of this disc seem really lo-fi, certain sections transcend this blanket description and give off the eerie vibe that makes one feel as if they might have heard this song on the local oldies station. The formulaic problems surrounding much of pop music is shucked for greater experimentation on this disc, as where one typical artist may have placed a repeating chorus, compiler chooses to go on complete tangents to the larger body of the song. Regardless of whether an individual likes the very manual, hands-on sound of compiler, with all of its acoustic goodness, chances are that an exception will be made for this album. By far, the amazing work of the accompanying harmonica on some tracks (most specifically, “bury me on the hill”), relegate this disc to the upper echelons of what I’ve had the distinct pleasure to review. Minimalism of a musical form exponentially returning the time spent listening to the disc to a wonderful, earthy feeling that will not leave a listener until much after they have stopped playing the disc. Pick this up from Datawaslost Records directly at , and do it quick – this disc had a limited pressing of 100, and who knows how many are currently left?

Rating : 9.8/10