Gertie Fox – An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods

Gertie Fox – An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods / 2006 Self / 12 Tracks / / Reviewed 25 May 2007

The style of music that starts off Gertie Fox’s “An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods” is something that reminds me of an earlier, nineties sound of alternative rock. The guitars really give me that impression, and the slightly-tinny production values of tracks like “Modern Love” just firm up my impression. The band works up the energy during “Modern Love” until that time when the chorus kicks in. The chorus for “Modern Love” is so catchy and airy that individuals will not even know that they are singing it. The band is in a strong position coming into “Passport Station”. The inclusion of “Passport Station” allows the band to create a cohesion between the tracks that could easily sour, but is strong at the opening of the song.

The progression of the guitars during the track provide another kink for listeners, and allows Gertie Fox to craft their second straight radio-friendly sample. The inclusion of a number of layers during “Passport Station” and a more Weezer-centric sound bring the band the same payout, as the momentum held by the band when they start “Cry Complacent” is enough to balance out against the slower opening of the song. The nuanced guitar work that is present throughout the sixties seen through the eyes of the nineties song “Cry Complacent” is a high point for a band that was already climbing peaks through their earliest efforts on “An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods”. The inclusion of the guitar solo during “She’s So Married!” shows that the band has a little of an Eagles/eighties rock influence to them.

The solo makes sense in the larger scheme of things, and this Weezer-linked song brings yet more success to Gertie Fox. However, Gertie Fox’s largest success during the entirety of “An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods” has to be “Bad Friend”. While this track still is based in the alternative rock of prior tracks, hints of “Son of a Gun”-era Nirvana and early Green Day are present. Gertie Fox may be an unsigned band at this point, but as soon as the right label finds them, chances are good that the act will be rocketing up the charts. Their fun brand of alt-pop crafted to perfection on this album virtually ensures that more individuals will be familiar with them soon. Gertie Fox would have worked out in 1994, but the vitality shown by the band on this album means that they will work in 2007.

Top Tracks: Bad Friend, Great Indoors

Rating: 7.0/10