The Majestic Twelve – Schizophrenology

The Majestic Twelve – Schizophrenology / 2006 Self / 11 Tracks / / Reviewed 28 June 2006

The Majestic Twelve had one of the more memorable albums of the last few years with their “Searching For The Elvis Knob”. This follow-up album works along most of the same lines as “Searching”, with tracks like “Condoleezza Check My Posse” mixing together Jello Biafra and the B-52s in some of the more eclectic music that individuals have heard. The production of tracks on this album are at a level that throwing them alongside a batch of major label songs that individuals would not be able to pick out The Majestic Twelve. The fact that The Majestic Twelve can mix together politics and a catchy beat further increase the band’s stock in my eyes.

They have not lost a step since “Searching”, and during songs like “Cry”, the band shows off a fuller sound that rivals anything that could be put forward by acts like Depeche Mode or even Ivy. “Cry” moves beyond any prior track that The Majestic Twelve have released on this or their last album; comparisons to At The Drive In are pretty much the only place individuals can go to begin to show the brilliance of the band. The band rages on this album with a number of music styles; the more stripped-down and unrepentant punk sound of a song like “Trapped Under Water” brings The Majestic Twelve into a blend of Sunny Day Real Estate and Husker Du.

The Majestic Twelve make this bunching of music so much more than just a bunch of songs tied together loosely to make an album; this is a symphony, an opera to fully immerse their fans in. However, where The Majestic Twelve seem to hit their artistic high is during “Break It And Breathe”. The use of a multitude of different styles and time signatures seal up The Majestic Twelve’s victory on this album; it was a long shot, but the band has succeed yet again on this vinyl media. There is little left for The Majestic Twelve can do; with their two last albums easily being the equivalent to any prize fighter’s 1-2 blow, there is little that the listener can do to stop from being floored by this act. Pick this CD up along with “Searching For The Elvis Knob”; it will only be a matter of time before The Majestic Twelve are playing with the biggest rock bands and creating a name for themselves.

Top Tracks: Condoleezza Check My Posse, Cry

Rating: 8.0/10