The Receiver – Decades

The Receiver – Decades / 2006 Stunning Models on Display / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 18 September 2006

Even though The Receiver start their “Decades” off slowly, the repetition of the opening compositions on “Sober Hands” will give listeners some starting ground. The depressing arrangements that are commonplace during “Sober Hands” feel like an expansion of the music during Peanuts’ specials. There are hints of indie rock that are placed in the hopper as well, but the one thing that is most dominant during the early stages of this disc has to be The Receiver’s instrumental side. The instrumental side of things is again given a major push during “Relapse”, even though The Receiver adds a little fire to their compositions on this track.

The slender tendrils of the vocals are reminiscent of the seventies easy style of rock, but have a current turn to them that is hard to put one’s finger on. The blending of instrumental and vocal during “Corner (Pt. 1)” is something that puts together what was originally two distinct parts of The Receiver. Of course, the instrumental is again where the band tends to focus, but there seems to be a little more added soul to the vocals given with each subsequent track on “Decades”. What The Receiver do is spread out their talent and skill over the whole of the CD, instead of just sticking their eggs all in one basket with one or two sold, radio-friendly tracks. This means that individuals will be sitting at the edge of their seat if they are focused in on “Decades”.

The brooding approach to the instruments during “Prodigal” has no common referent. The band with this track has created something that is completely new and is not categorical in any way. The arrangements on “Decades” may not be those angry ones of a band like Korn (angsty) or Deicide (just brutal), but the interplay between different instruments that The Receiver create with each and every track on “Decades” is a sight to behold. It becomes hard to write about The Receiver when there is so little in common with the rest of popular music. All one can end up saying is that The Receiver is head and shoulders above practically anyone else on the market today. The band may not have made a name for themselves at this point, but it will just be a matter of time before the band cracks that nut wide open. Dig this album up when it comes out (October the 3rd) and buy a copy.

Top Tracks: Prodigal, Relapse

Rating: 7.0/10