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Old Amish Drive - By Reviews [122]

Items in NeuFutur's Queue

What we've reviewed (06/17/2007):

Black Light Burns – Cruel Melody here.
Jeff Buckley – So Real here.
Chelsea – Faster, Cheaper, and Better Looking here.
Point One – Unlucky Stars here.

What we've reviewed (06/14/2007):

Elton John - Rocket Man: Number Ones here.
Motion Picture Demise – Zip.Boom.Hah. here.

What we've reviewed (06/10/2007):

Abigail Williams – Legend here.
Forever In Motion – The Beautiful Unknown here.

What we've reviewed (06/09/2007):

Benea Reach – Monument Bineothan here.
Leeroy Stagger – Depression River here.
Over The Rhine – Discount Fireworks: A Collection here.

What we've reviewed (06/08/2007):

Craig Bickhardt - Easy Fires here.
Rosematter - Real Big Time here.

What we have reviewed in the past:


Aa – gAame here.
Abandoned Pools - Armed To The Teeth here.
Mary Abraham - The First Five here.
The Absence - From Your Grave here.
A18 - Forever After Nothing. here.
The Academy - The Academy EP here.
Accursed Dawn - Manifest Damnation (The Creation Affect) here.
Adair - The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New here.
Peter Bradley Adams – Gather Up here.
Ad Astra Per Aspera - Catapult Calypso here.
Adrian and the Sickness – Adrian For President here.
The Adventures of Jet - Muscle. here.
The Adventures of Jet - Part III : Coping With Insignificance. here.
The Aeffect - Secrets & Lies here.
Aeroplane 1929 - To Persevere here.
Aerosmith – Devil’s Get A New Disguise here.
Against All Authority – The Restoration of Chaos & Order here.
Against All Authority/Common Rider Split here.
Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain here.
The Agency – Turn here.
Agent Sparks – Not So Merry here.
The Aggrolites – S/T here.
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – PCP Tornado here.
Daniel Agust – Swallowed A Star here.
Ahleuchatistas – The Same and the Other here.
Airport 81 – Put Your Squares Together here.
Air Supply – The Singer and the Song here.
Airtight Garage - Felangus Box here.
Akercocke – Words That Go Unspoken Deeps That Go Undone here.
Akron/Family – Meek Warrior here.
Akron/Family - Self/Titled here.
Alexisonfire - Watch Out! here.
Alien Ant Farm – Up In The Attic here.
Ian Allen - Nova's Lounge here.
Danny Allen - Howdy here.
GG Allin and Antiseen – Murder Junkies here.
Bernard Allison - No Mercy here.
Allister - Before The Breakout here.
Alli With An I – I Learned It By Watching You here.
All Time Low - Put up or Shut Up here.
All Tomorrow's Party - S/T here.
Aloha - Here Comes Everyone here.
Alone-Alone here.
Carolyn AlRoy - Gorgeous Enormous here.
Altered State – Get Real here.
Amazing Transparent Man - Print Is Dead here.
Amber Pacific - Fading Days here.
Amber Pacific - The Possibility & The Promise here.
Ambivalent - Two Wrongs Make A Right here.
Ambulance LTD – New English EP here.
America - Struttin' Our Stuff here.
American Black Lung - And They Rode Their Weapons Into War here.
American Distress - S/T here.
American Hi-Fi - Hearts On Parade here.
The American Plague-Daemos here.
American Timebomb - Beat Your Heart Out here.
American Timebomb - S/T here.
Amerijah – Project Won here.
Amor Fati - Love Fate here.
Ampline - The Choir. here.
Ampline –Rosary here.
The Amputees "Needy Vs. Greedy here.
Amun Ra - Bloom here.
Amusement Parks on Fire - S/T here.
Ambry - Holding On By The Blindfolds We Hide Behind here.
Anadivine - Zoo here.
An Albatross - Blessphemy here.
An Angle - And Take It With A Grain of Salt here.
An Angle - We Can Breathe Under Alcohol here.
Anathallo - Floating World here.
Rusty Anderson - Undressing Underwater here.
Kyle Andrews - Amos in Ohio here.
Angel Blake – S/T here.
Ryland Angel – S/T here.
Angels Fight The City - Like A Dog here.
Angels Fight The City - Out Of Depth On Land here.
Angels of Light - The Angels of Light Sing "Other People" here.
Angels of Light & Akron/Family - S/T here.
Angra - Aurora Consurgens here.
Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer here.
Ann Beretta - Three Chord Revolution here.
Annette – Growing Into Myself here.
Anorexic Beauty Queen - This Little Light here.
Another Oppressed System - 2000-2004 here.
Anthem Boy-Demonstration here.
Anthrax - Alive 2 here.
Anthrax – Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) here.
Antiquus – Eleutheria here.
Antiseen - Badwill Ambassadors here.
Antonio Montana & Nitro – Threatening Behavior here.
a.P.A.t.T. – (L.P.) here.
APB – Something To Believe In: 20th Anniversary Release here.
Apell - Beaver Street & Beyond here.
Apiary - Lost in Focus here.
Apocalipstick - Apocalipstick Now here.
ApologetiX - Adam Up here.
ApologetiX - Grace Period here.
Apologetix - New And Used Hits here.
The Appleseed Cast - Lost Songs here.
The Aquabats - Charge!! here.
Architects – Revenge here.
Argentine - In Other Fictions here.
Ariel Aparicio w/ The Hired Guns – Frolic & F*** here.
Arma Secreta - A Century's Remains here.
Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You're Dead here.
Arms of Kismet - Cutting Room Rug here.
The Army of Darkness - This is Not A Lifesaving Device here.
Arson - Lacerate the Sky here.
Arsonists Get All The Girls - Hits From The Bow here.
Che Arthur – Iron here.
Artrosis - In The Flowers Shade here.
ASG – Feeling Good Is Good Enough here.
ASHS - Audible Stellar Hypnotic Situations here.
As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security here.
Asono – S/T here.
Asteria – Slip Into Something More Comfortable here.
The Astroglides – Channel Surfing With… here.
Astronautalis - The Mighty Ocean and Nine Dark Theaters here.
Asva - Futurists Against The Ocean here.
The Atari Star - Prayer + Pretend here.
Atom and His Package - Attention! Blah blah blah. here.
Atombombpocketknife – Lack and Pattern here.
Atomic Shelters-Demo here.
Michael Lee Austin – Labor Pains here.
Autocad-Penultimatium here.
Authority Zero - Andiamo here.
Autumn Black - Beneath the Shadows here.
Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil here.
Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen. here.
Awesome New Republic - ANR So Far here.
The Awkward Romance - To Breathe Is To Compromise here.


Baby Shower - Demo here.
Backseat Driver - 5 Steps to Victory here.
Backslap - Find Yourself. here.
Badly Drawn Boy – Born In The UK here.
The Bad Plus - Suspicious Activity? here.
Bagheera - Twelves here.
Dennis Bagwell – Paid in Full here.
Dennis Bagwell - A Random Litter of Thought here.
Glyn Bailey - Toys From Balsa here.
Baleen - Follow Me Blind here.
The Balls – Come Out Swingin’ here.
Ballyrag - Where the Ocean Meets the 10 here.
Band of Felons - Drown My Sorrows. here.
Bang Gang – Something Wrong here.
The Bangkok Five - 10 The Hard Way here.
The Bangkok Five – Who’s Gonna Take Us Alive here.
Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow here.
The Bank Robbers - Tomorrow Belongs To Me here.
Bargain Music - American Born here.
Jamie Barnes - Honey From The Ribcage here.
Robbie Basho - Venus in Cancer here.
Battle of Mice – A Day of Nights here.
Baxter House – Please Baxter, Don’t Hurt Them here.
Bayside - Sirens and Condolences here.
Bayside – The Walking Wounded here.
The BeatPreachers – S/T here.
The Beautiful Mistake / Ettison Clio - Split here.
The Beefeater Project – Lo-Fi Resurrection of the American Underground here.
The Beers – A Taste of The Beers here.
Beginning Is The End - No Direction here.
Behemoth - Buford here.
Ben Davis - Aided & Abetted here.
...Bender - S/T here.
Ben Kweller - On My Way here.
Benlavain – Come On People here.
Benton Falls - Guilt Beats Hate here.
Bent Outta Shape - Stray Dog Town here.
Beowulf – The Re-Releases here.
The Berg Sans Nipple – Along The Quai here.
Berman – Send Me To The End here.
Bernard – A View Beyond The Cave here.
The Berserker - Self/Titled here.
The Berzerker – World of Lies here.
Benzos - Morning Stanzas here.
Beyond Fear - S/T here.
Bible of the Devil - The Diabolic Procession here.
Big City Dreams - Honest here.
Big City Rock – S/T here.
Big Collapse - Prototype here.
Big Thick Skin - Private Life and the Public Eye here.
Bill Madden - Samsara's Grip here.
Billy Talent – Billy Talent II here.
The Biltmores – Same Story, Same Ending here.
Arlene Bishop - Cut A Man's Heart Out here.
Bittersweet - The Mating Game here.
Blackalicious - The Craft here.
Black Cat Rebellion - Ain't Got No Time here.
The Blackfire Revelation - Gold and Guns on 51 here.
Black 47 - Bittersweet Sixteen here.
Blacklisted – The Beat Goes On here.
The Black Maria - Lead Us To Reason here.
Blackmaker - Staggering To The Surface here.
Black Mountain - Druganaut here.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl here.
Black Sunday - Tronic Blanc here.
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Sampler here.
Blag'ard - Blank Faced Clocks here.
Johnny J Blair - Treadmarks here.
Blake Rainey - Appetizer Sickness here.
Bleach - Astronomy here.
The Bleeding Alarm - Beauty in Destruction here.
Bleeding Kansas – Dead Under Dιcor here.
Vinny Blessed – Music Train here.
Blinded Black – Under The Sunrise here.
Bling Kong - Do The Awesome here.
Blivit - Unhand The World here.
Blocko-Blocko here.
Blood On The Tracks - S/T here.
The Bloody Hollies - If Footmen Tire You... here.
The Bloody Irish Boys - Drunk Rock here.
Bluebeard-Pirate Radio here.
The BlueBloods – Death of a Salesman here.
Chrisopher Blue – Room Tones here.
Blue October – Foiled here.
Blue Shade Witness - Self/Titled here.
Blue Sky Goodbye - Look On the Bright Side here.
Blue Velvet - Four Songs here.
Bobaflex - Apologize For Nothing here.
The Bocks - Demo here.
Body Rockers - S/T here.
The Boggs - Forts Unmixed Sampler here.
The Boils – From The Bleachers here.
The Boils – Hockey Anthems here.
Bold - The Search: 1985-1989 here.
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal here.
The Book of Lists - Red Arrows here.
Boris – Pink here.
Born to Lose – Sweet Misery here.
Bosio - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things EP here.
Bottom Line - Demo here.
Bottom Line - Eloquence here.
The Boroughs - Ostrich EP here.
Botch - Unifying Themes Redux here.
Bound Stems - The Logic of Building the Body Plan here.
Leslie Bowe – Gypsy here.
Bow Wow Wow – We Are The ‘80s here.
The Boy Anvil - The Golden Sea here.
Boykillboy - Civilian here.
The Boy Least Likely To – The Best Party Ever here.
Boyskout – Another Life here.
Bracket – Requiem here.
Brain Donor - S/T here.
Brain Failure - American Dreams here.
Brainless Wankers - Endorphin here.
Brains No More "Right To Be Angry" here.
Brand New - Deja Entendou here.
Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me here.
Brandon Patton - Should Confusion here.
Brandon Wiard - Painting A Burning Building here.
Brandtson / Camber / Seven Stories Split here.
Brandtson - Death & Taxes EP. here.
Brant Christopher - Cursed here.
Brandtson – Hello, Control here.
Brandtson - Send Us A Signal here.
Bratz - Forever Diamondz here.
The Bravery - Self/Titled here.
Bravo Fucking Bravo – II here.
Brazil - A Hostage and the Meaning of Life here.
Brazil – The Philosophy of Velocity here.
The Break - Handbook For The Hopeless here.
Breakeven - En Vogue here.
Breaking Benjamin - We Are Not Alone here.
Break the Silence - Near Life Experience here.
Brian Jones - Seriously here.
The Briefs – Steal Yer Heart here.
The Bright and Hollow Sky - Gem State here.
Sarah Brightman - Diva: The Singles Collection here.
Sarah Brightman - Love Changes Everything here.
Broadway Calls - Call The Medic here.
Brokenheartsclub - Scientia here.
Broken Spindles - Inside/Absent here.
The Bronx - Bats! here.
Brookside - Tonight, Long Island here.
Brothermandude - S/T here.
Brown Paper Bag - Its Supposed To Be Offensive here.
Brown Sox - Music To Quilt By here.
Bruce Lee Band - Beautiful World here.
Brunt of It! – Certain Uncertainty here.
Bullets and Octane – In The Mouth of the Young here.
Bullets and Octane - The Revelry here.
Bullet Train To Vegas - We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are here.
Carol Bui – This Is How I Recover here.
Bullet Treatment – Dead Are Walking here.
Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering here.
Burden Of A Day - Pilots & Paper Planes here.
Solomon Burke - Nashville here.

Burning Brides - Leave No Ashes here.
Burnside Project – The Finest Example is You here.
Burns Out Bright - Distance and Darkness here.
Burns Out Bright – Save Yourself A Lifetime here.
Bury The Living - All The News That’s Fit To Print here.
The Business - Hardcore Hooligans. here.
Busy Signal-Demo here.


Cadet - Cadet here.
Caesars - Paper Tigers here.
Cafebar 401 - Self-titled here.
Caffeine Dependent - Self-Titled here.
Cake on Cake – I Guess I Was Daydreaming here.
The Cakes - EP here.
Cale Parks – Illuminated Manuscript here.
Call Me Lightning - The Trouble We're In here.
Megan Cameron - Another Page here.
Camper Van Beehoven - New Roman Times here.
Canada – This Cursed House here.
Canibus & Phoenix Orion – Def Con Zero here.
Cannibal Corpse - Kill here.
Canvas Solaris – Penumbra Diffuse here.
Capillary Action - Fragments here.
The Capitol Years - Dance Away The Terror here.
Capricorns - Ruder Forms Survive here.
Captain Bringdown and the Buzz Killers - Feel Good Times here.
Capture the Flag - Scratch the Surface. here.
The Carlsonics - Self-titled here.
Cartel - Chroma here.
Johnny Cash – Here Was A Man: The Ultimate Gospel Collection here.
Casket Architects - Dance on the Death Nerve here.
Castles in Spain - Again here.
The Casualties - Under Attack here.
Catalyst / Calm.Murder - Two Sides of the Suicide King here.
Caterpillar Tracks - S/T here.
Lucas Cates – Contradictory here.
Cats + Jammers - Propose Toast here.
Cats & Jammers - Whole Lotta Goddamn here.
Cattle Decapitation - Karma Bloody Karma here.
Cause for Diversion - Shattered EP here.
Celestia – Apparitia – Sumptuous Spectre here.
Celestial – Desperate North here.
Cellador - Enter Deception here.
The C Elliot Project – Indicia EP here.
Centrifuse - Lizard In The Wires here.
Cerulean - Fractions here.
Cesar - Worlds of Change here.
Chach – To Destroy Your Boyfriend’s Confidence here.
Chantal Chamandy – Love Needs You here.
A Change of Pace - An Offer You Can't Refuse here.
Chao - hitsthemiss here.
Ray Charles and Count Basie – Ray Sings, Basie Swings here.
The Charlestons - ? LP. here.
The Charlestons - turn it up till your mommys screamin’ and your sisters dancin’ EP here.
Charlie Megira – the abtomatic misterzinger mambo chic. here.
Chas Mtn – Hugs here.
Cheb i Sabbah - La Kahena here.
Che Chapter 127 - Profit Prophet. here.
Cheeseburger - Gang's All Here here.
Carrie Cheron - One More Autumn here.
Cherry Suede – S/T here.
Chixdiggit - Pink Razors here.
!!! - Louden Up Now here.
Choose To Find – S/T here.
Chris Murray - Raw here.
Christine Martucci Band – I’m All In here.
The Chuck Norris Experiment – S/T here.
Circa Survive - Juturna here.
Circles - When The Big River Floods here.
Circuit – Eau De Humanity here.
The City Drive – Always Moving Never Stopping here.
The City on Film - American Diary here.
City Sleeps - Hotel here.
Clair De Lune - Marionettes here.
Angus Clark - Grace Period here.
Clarkwise – Victory in the Storm here.
Classical Ass - After Lunch We Kill Tony here.
Classic Case - Dress To Depress here.
Classic Case - Its Been Business Doing Pleasure With You here.
The Class of 98 – Touch This And Die here.
Clearview Kills – Wrap This Around Your Neck here.
Clit 45 - 2,4,6,8 We're The Kids You Love To Hate here.
The Clock Work Army - A Catalyst For Change here.
The Clockwork Crew - What About Us here.
Cluster & Eno - S/T here.
David Coate – All I Have Is Yours here.
The Cocktail Revisionists – This Is My Happy Face here.
The Coffin Lids - 'Round Midnight here.
Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo: I'm Burning Star IV; Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness here.
Coheed and Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 here.
Catman Cohen - The Catman Chronicles 2: How I Want To Live here.
Catman Cohen - How I Want To Die here.
Danny Cohen – Shade of Dorian Gray here.
Danny Cohen - We're All Gunna Die here.
Natalie Cole – Love Songs here.
Colin – Sessions Down the Shore here.
Color Wall - The View From Above here.
Coltrane Motion - No Well Ok Maybe Just A Little here.
Coltrane Motion – Songs About Music here.
Combat Wounded Veteran - This Is Not An Erect, All-Red Neon Body here.
Common Rider - This Is Unity Music here.
Communique - Poison Arrows here.
Communique – Walk Into The Light here.
Compiler - I Guess That It's Time That I Go. here.
Complete Control + Krum Bums - Death Can Wait here.
Controlling The Famous – Automatic City here.
Controlling The Famous - Two Birds Vs. One Stone here.
Converge - You Fail Me here.
Coolymack - "Hennessey" here.
The Cooters - Chaos or Bust here.
Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree here.
Copeland - In Motion here.
Cordova - Lie Until It Becomes The Truth here.
Corm - Audio Plane Kit here.
The Council-Demonstration here.
The Cooper Temple Clause - Kick Up the Fire, and Let the Flames Break Loose here.
Coquettish - High Energy Politics here.
Crackjaw – Giants From The Stereo here.
Crain - Speed here.
Crime In Stereo – Fuel. Transit. Sleep. here.
Crime in Stereo – The Troubled Stateside here.
The Cringe - Scratch the Surface here.
The Cringe – Tipping Point here.
Criteria - En Garde here.
Cross Examination – The Hung Jury here.
Crowell, Doles & Quinn – Don’t Look Down here.
Cruci-Fetus - Demo here.
The Crumbs - Hold That Shit Right here.
The Crumbs - Last Exit here.
Cruiserweight - Sweet Weaponry here.
Crystal Skulls - Outgoing Behavior here.
Cue The Doves – Architectures of the Atmosphere here.
Cult of Sue Todd - Kelsey Grammer Loves Us here.
Jill Cunniff – City Beach here.
Curl Up And Die - The One Above All, The End Of All That Is here.
Curl Up And Die -T he Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug here.
Current 93 – Black Ships Ate The Sky here.
The Curtains - Vehicles of Travel here.


Daggermouth - Stallone here.
Jeff Dahl - Cursed, Poisoned, Condemned here.
Cat Dail – Choice here.
The Dalloways - Penalty Crusade here.
Damage - Velocity here.
Damage Case – Tyranny here.
D’Amato – Synesthesia here.
Damnation - Resist here.
Damone - Out Here All Night here.
The Dan Band - The Dan Band Live! here.
Dangerdoom - The Mouse and the Mask here.
Daniel G. Harmann – The Lake Effect here.
Daphne Loves Derby - On The Strength of all Convinced here.
Diana Darby – The Magdalene Laundries here.
Darkbuster - A Weakness For Spirits here.
Darker My Love – S/T here.
Darkest Hour – Archives here.
Dark Funeral – Attera Totus Sanctus here.
Dark Funeral – De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine: Live in South America 2003 here.
Dark New Day - Twelve Year Silence here.
Dark Side of the Cop - S/T here.
Darsombra - Ecdysis here.
Darzamat - Transkarpatra here.
Das Kapital – Denying the West here.
Terry Daun – Game On here.
Bart Davenport - Maroon Cocoon here.
David Steele - Underneath the Ice here.
Davison/Coleman - Forward Motion here.
Day of Contempt - The Will To Live here.
Day of the Dead - New Healing Process here.
Ronnie Day – The Album here.
Days Like These - Charity Burns Green here.
Days Like These – Inventure here.
Daytime Volume - The Day We Transposed here.
Day Without Dawn - S/T here.
Dazy Head Mazy – Acoustic Cities here.
Dead By Wednesday - Democracy Is Dead here.
Dead Girls Ruin Everything - What A Perfect Ending here.
Dead Hearts – S/T here.
The Deadly - The Wolves Are Here Again here.
Dead Man In Reno - S/T here.
Dead to Fall - Everything I touch Falls to Pieces . here.
Dead To Me - Cuban Ballerina here.
Dear and the Headlights - S/T here.
The Dear Hunter – Act I: The Lake South The River North here.
Dear Whoever – Sound The Trumpet here.
Deas Vail - Collapse here.
Death is Not Glamorous - S/T here.
Death on Wednesday - S6ngs to _____ to. here.
Deathspell Omega – Kenose here.
Decapitated – Organic Hallucinosis here.
Deep Dish - George Is On here.
Deep Elm - Unreleased 2 here.
Deerhoof - Milk Man here.
Degree Absolute – S/T here.
Deicide – The Stench of Redemption here.
DEK - Boner here.
D.E.K. - Right Now In A Minute here.
Delaney & Bonnie – Home here.
Del Cielo - Wish and Wait here.
Della Valle - Pink Elephants here.
Demander - S/T here.
Demiricous – One here.
Demolition Doll Rods – There Is A Difference here.
Gigi Denisco – Too Close For Comfort here.
Denver Harbor - Scenic here.
Desert City Soundtrack - Contents of Distraction here.
Desert City Soundtrack - Funeral Car here.
Desert City Soundtrack - Perfect Addiction here.
Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence – Split here.
Descendents - 'Merican EP here.
Desire – There’s A Party Over Here here.
Casey Desmond – S/T here.
Desolation - S/T here.
Desole – A Story To Tell here.
The Destroyed - Outta Control here.
The Destroyed – Russian Roulette here.
Destroy Nate Allen – Awake O’Sleeper here.
Detestation - S/T here.
Devendra Banhart - Nino Rojo here.
Devendra Banhart – Rejoicing in the Hands here.
Devics – Push the Heart here.
Diona Devin – Anything But Numb here.
Dies Irae - Sculpture Of Stone here.
Diamond Nights - Once We Were Diamonds here.
Diamond Nights - Popsicle here.
Diefenbaker-Strike The Match here.
Digable Cat – Letters From My Dreams here.
DigitalCitizen - A Collection of Music from The Motherload . here.
Digital Leather - Monologue here.
Digger - Keystone here.
The Digital Kill - Self-Titled here.
The Digital Kill - Self-Titled (Second Review) here.
The Diligents-Only In Your Eyes here.
Dimbulb - Trip Hammers here.
Dimestore Dandelion – Oil and Water here.
Dios (Malos) - S/T here.
Dirty Children - Shut Off The World here.
Dirty on Purpose – Hallelujah Sirens here.
Dirty Pretty Things – Bang Bang You’re Dead here.
Dirty Rainbow - Death. I Was Sure of It here.
The Dirty Royals - Obsessed America here.
Discipline – Downfall of the Working Man here.
Disrespect - Justice In A Bag here.
Disrespect - Wartorn EP here.
Ditchwater - Sees Me Through here.
Divided By Zero – The Black Sea here.
Divider – At Twilight here.
Divide The Day - Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys here.
Divisible - The Alchemy EP here.
The Divorce - The Gifted Program here.
Djizoes - The Erkonos Project here.
DJ Screw - The Untold Story here.
D-Lou – Tha Takeover here.
DMBQ - The Essential Sounds From The Far East here.
Dmonstrations – Night Trrors, Shock! here.
DMX - Year of the Dog here.
Doc Heide and the Pills – Peaceful Kingdom here.
Don Lennon - Routine here.
The Doobie Brothers – The Very Best Of here.
Doomriders - Black Thunder here.
Down To Earth Approach - Another Intervention here.
Downtown Singapore – Don’t Let Your Guard Down here.
Downtrodn - Missing In Distraction here.
Dramarama – Everybody Dies here.
Linda Draper – Traces Of here.
The Dreadful Yawns - S/T here.
dRed – Found Sounds Volume One here.
Drive By – I Hate Every Day Without You Kid here.
Drive Til Morning - Self/Titled here.
Dropgun – Devil Music here.
Dropsonic - Insects With Angel Wings here.
Drugs of Faith - S/T here.
Drunk Stuntmen – Trailer Life here.
Drzhivegas – Get Down here.
The Duane Peters - Gunfight here.
The Ducky Boys - The War Back Home here.
Due Wednesday - Speaking in Lies here.
John Dufilho - S/T here.
The Dukes of Hillsborough and Altaira - Sometimes You Eat The Bar, Sometimes the Bar Eats You here.
Amy Duncan – Pilgrimage here.
Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt here.
Duvall - Volume & Density here.
the dunndlelingers-the dunndlelingers here.
Dwarves – Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) here.
Dwight Ritcher Band - Drive Around Town here.
Dwight Ritcher - Radioman here.
Dynamite Boy - Self/Titled here.
Dynasty Handbag – Foo Foo Yik Yik here.
Dysphoria-Hope Without Reason here.


The Eames Era - Double Dutch here.
The Eames Era – Heroes + Sheroes here.
The Early November – The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path here.
The Early November/I Am The Avalanche - Split here.
Earshot - Two here.
east arcadia - all the same here.
East Arcadia-Demo here.
East Coast Dreamers - Breaking Hearts To Break Barriers here.
Theo Eastwind – The O here.
Edenpark – The ____ Album here.
Ed Gein - Its A Shame here.
Editors – Back Room here.
Editors - Rarities here.
ee - For 100 We Try Harder here.
EE - Ramadan here.
EeL - People People here.
The Eels - Blinking Lights and Other Revelations here.
Eels – With Strings Live At Town Hall here.
Eibol – Karma Kingdom here.
'87 Celebrity - The Green Walls here.
El Angel Mexaton - On The Rise here.
Elefant – The Black Magic Show here.
The 11th Hour-Demo here.
Electric Frankenstein - Burn Bright, Burn Fast here.
Electric Six - Dance Commander ">here.
Electroluvs - Bubblewrapped here.
Electronic Barnacle Island - Deeply Faulted Area Resembling an Upright Deck of Cards ">here.
el gigante-the official guide to loss here.
Elementary Thought Process - Everyone's Anyone here.
Eleven Minutes Away - Arson Followed Me Home here.
Hanin Elias - Future Noir here.
Elliott - Photorecording here.
Elliott Brood – Ambassador here.
El Presidente - S/T here.
The Emergency – How Can You Move? here.
Emergency - Hey Psycho EP here.
Eminem - You Don't Know here.
Emo Dagger - So This Is Me here.
Emok - Shove Your Head in the Ground and Feed It to the Earth here.
E.M.T. - EP here.
End of a Year - Sincerely here.
End of Level Boss – Prologue here.
The End of the World - You're Making It Come Alive here.
Endwell – Homeland Insecurity here.
Enemy 13 – Self Destruction Is here.
Enlow - The Recovery here.
Markus Enochson – Night Games here.
Enslaved - Ruun here.
Entrance - Prayer of Death here.
Ephmahs - The Cost of Living here.
Jascha Ephraim - S/T here.
Epic Soundtracks - Good Things here.
The Epoxies - S/T here.
The Epoxies - Stop The Future here.
Erasure - Nightbird here.
Eric Frederickson - Something Blue here.
Escape From Earth – Three Seconds East here.
The Escaped - S/T here.
Escape Grace – II here.
Esquivel - The Sights and Sounds Of Esquivel! here.
Estee Louder - Ohio's Best here.
Gloria Estefan – The Essential here.
Esthero - Wikked Lil' Grrrls here.
Eszter Balint - Mud here.
Eugene - The 4 Track Demos here.
Euphoria – Precious Time here.
Europa – The Filthy Kut here.
Eurythmics - Ultimate Collection here.
Evaline – Postpartum Modesty, A Portrait of Skin here.
Evaline - Postpartum Modesty. A Portrait of Skin here.
Evans Blue – The Melody and The Energetic Nature of Volume here.
Evening - Other Victorians here.
Event Horizon – Naked on the Black Floor here.
Ever Will You Get There – Maybe We Can Help You Find a Place here.
Everybody Else – S/T here.
The Everyothers – Pink Sticky Lies here.
Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon here.
Evolve – Happy Hour In The Gene Pool here.
Excepter - Alternation here.
Excitebike - 2000 Demo. here.
Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners – Sev7en here.
Existi-Thoughts Conceived among Decaying Dreams here.
The Exit - Don't Push EP here.
The Exit - Home For An Island here.


Face To Face – Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection here.
The Factory Incident - Redtape here.
Fade Out-Demo here.
A Faith Called Chaos - Forgive Nothing here.
The Faithfull – Our Own Heroes here.
Fake Problems - Spurs & Spokes / Bull > Matador here.
Falconhawk - Here's Your Ghost here.
The Fall – Fall Heads Roll here.
Fall Guy - Self-Titled EP. here.
Fall River - Lights Out here.
Falter Bramnk – Minimal Romance here.
Farmer Jason – A Day At The Farm With Farmer Jason here.
Farmer Jason – Rockin’ In The Forest here.
Far Rad - This Candy's Gone here.
The Fatal Mistake - Die Trying here.
Fat Ass - We Have Come For Your Mothers here.
The Fat Tones - Fat At You here.
The Faux - Self-Titled here.
Feathers – S/T here.
Fear Before the March of Flames – Art Damage here.
Federation X - Rally Day here.
The Feeling – Sewn here.
Feeling Left Out - Once Upon A Time here.
Christine Fellows - Paper Anniversary here.
The Fenians – Have Fun or Get Out! here.
Fenix*TX – Purple Reign In Blood here.
Fermata - S/T here.
Fermata - Vessel here.
Fern Knight – Music for Witches and Alchemists here.
Ferona Vei - Diary of a Stone Romantic here.
Ferraby Lionheart – EP here.
The Fever – In The City of Sleep here.
Feverdream - Freeze! here.
Fielding - S/T here.
The Fight - Nothing New Since Rock 'N' Roll here.
Fightstar – They Liked You Better When You Were Dead here.
The Films – S/T EP here.
Filthy Thieving Bastards – My Pappy Was A Pistol here.
Final Conflict - No Peace On Earth, No Rest in Hell here.
The Finals – Plan Your Getaway here.
Finishing School - Destination Girl here.
Fire Divine - It's All A Blur here.
Firegarden - 2164 here.
First Class - Somewhere In The City here.
Shaun Fisher – Body & Soul here.
Tim Fite - Gone Ain't Gone here.
Fivespeed - Morning Over Midnight here.
Fixed Idea – La Muerte here.
Fixed Idea - Traditions of My Addictions here.
Fixer - Bend here.
The Flairs - Shut Up And Drive here.
The Flakes – Back To School here.
The Flaming Stars - Named and Shamed here.
The Flaming Tsunamis – Fear Everything here.
Flashlight Brown - Blue here.
Flattbush - Seize The Time here.
The Flesh – Death Connection here.
The Flesh – Fire Tower here.
Fleshgore – May God Strike Me Down here.
Fleshies - Gung Ho! here.
Flight 180 - (girls and boys)| here.
Fluke - Puppy here.
FM Bats - Everybody Out...Shark In The Water here.
Foetus - Love here.
Folly - Insanity Today here.
Fools & Horses – Pop Filter here.
The Forces of Evil - Friend or Foe? here.
The Forecast -Late Night Conversations here.
Forever Changed - The Need To Feel Alive here.
Forgive Durden – Wonderland here.
The Format - Interventions and Lullabies here.
The Format - Snails EP here.
Anat Fort – A Long Story here.
For Those Lost – This is Our Fight here.
Fountains Of Wayne - Out-Of-State Plates here.
The 4-Squares - Steve's Hamper here.
46 Short – Truth Denied here.
Foxy Shazam! - The Flamingo Trigger here.
Fragments of Unbecoming – Sterling Black Icon here.
David Francis - S/T . here.
Bob Frank and John Murry – World Without End here.
Frank Singer – Standards 1 here.
Paula Frazer - Leave The Sad Things Behind here.
Paula Frazer and Tarnation – Now It’s Time here.
Free Diamonds – There Should Be More Dancing here.
The Freedom Fries - Self-Titled EP here.
The Freedom Fries - Self-Titled LP here.
Freshkills – Creeps and Lovers here.
Matthew Friedberger - Winter Women / Holy Ghost Language School here.
Frog Holler – Haywire here.
From A Second Story Window - Delenda here.
Fucked Up - Hidden World here.
The Fugue - Mysterious Animals here.
Tia Fuller – Healing Space here.
Tom Fuller - Back Again here.
Full Moon Revue - S'About Time here.
Full Scale - Full Scale here.
Fu Manchu - Start The Machine here.
F-Units - Reject on Impact here.
The F-Ups - Self-Titled here.
Furthest From The Star - This Waking Moment here.
Furze – UTD here.
The Futureheads – News and Tributes here.
Future of Forestry – Twilight here.


Diamanda Galas - La Serpenta Canta here.
Gallucio – All For You here.
Gameface - Four to Go here.
The Gamits - Antidote here.
Gang of Four - Return The Gift here.
Garbage - Bleed Like Me here.
Jon Garcia - S/T here.
Gargantua Soul - Two Thousand Four here.
Chris Garneau – Music For Tourists here.
Dennis Garner - Can't Make It Without You here.
Garrison - The Silhouette here.
Gas Huffer – Lemonade For Vampires here.
The Gathering – Home here.
Gatsby's American Dream - In The Land of Lost Monsters here.
Gatsby's American Dream - Ribbons & Sugar here.
Gatsby's American Dream - S/T here.
Gatsbys American Dream - Volcano here.
Tom Gavornik – Acceleration here.
Geisha Girls - S/T here.
Gemz - Blue is For Girls here.
The Generators - Excess Betrayal....and our Dearly Departed here.
Genghis Tron - Cloak of Love here.
Genghis Tron – Dead Mountain Mouth here.
George Lesiw Band – Anuta Was Here here.
Noah Georgeson – Find Shelter here.
Gerina - S/T here.
Lisa Germano – In The Maybe World here.
Gertie Fox – An Imaginary Meeting in the Woods here.
Gertie Fox – An Imaginary Meeting In The Woods here.
Get Hustle - Rollin in the Ruins here.
Jennifer Getz - Makin' History here.
G-Fire - G-Fire II here.
Ghorar Deem Express - S/T here.
The Ghost - This is a Hospital. here.
Giant Drag - Hearts And Unicorns here.
Giant Squid - Metridium Fields here.
Caroline G Gibson - On Ma Journey Now here.
Melissa Giges – Far Beyond the Pacific here.
Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Bloodsongs here.
Girl Talk - Night Ripper here.
Girly Freak Show - Demo here.
Gist - Diesel City here.
Gladshot - Stand here.
Glimpse - Into My Hands EP here.
Glimpse - S/T EP here.
Gliss – Love The Virgins here.
Glitter Pals - Unleash The Compassion here.
Gluecifer-Get the Horn here.
A Global Threat – Where The Sun Never Sets here.
Adam Gnade - Run Hide Retreat Surrender here.
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere here.
The Go-Betweens - Oceans Apart here.
Gods - I See You Through Glass here.
Gods Among Men - S/T here.
Goldblade - Punk Rockers in the Dance Hall here.
Goldenboy - Right Kind of Wrong here.
Goldenboy - Underneath The Radio here.
Goldfrapp - Supernature here.
Goldie Lookin' Chain - Straight Outta Newport here.
Alex Gomez - Warm Sensations here.
The Good Life - Self-Titled EP here.
The Goons of Doom - Bikey Zomby here.
Goons of Doom - The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost here.
Leah-Carla Gordone – Dancing On The Dragon here.
Gorgoroth - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam here.
Go Rimbaud - Ground Zero Tourist Song here.
Go Rimbaud - Songs in Bad Taste here.
Gospel of the Horns-Eve Of The Conqueror here.
The Go! Team - Audio Assault Course here.
The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike here.
Grace Gale – A Few Easy Steps To Ensure Heli-Camel Safety here.
Gram Rabbit – Cultivation here.
Grateful Dead – Live At The Cow Palace New Year’s Eve 1976 here.
Gratis - Demo here.
Gratitude - You're Invited here.
Gravity Propulsion System – Get Destroy here.
greg macpherson band - good times coming back again. here.
Greg MacPherson Band - Night Flares here.
Greg Palast - Weapon of Mass Instruction here.
Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers - She Loves You here.
Greeley Estates – Far From The Lies here.
Adam Green – Jacket Full of Danger here.
Green Carnation – The Acoustic Verses here.

Kelly Greene – You Leave Me Here here.
Greenlawn Abbey - Self/Titled here.
Greenlight – Is This What I Am Here For? here.
Andrew Gregory - S/T here.
Greyfield - Soundtrack to the Summer. here.
Earl Greyhound - Soft Targets here.
Scott Grimes – Livin On The Run here.
The Gris Gris - For The Season here.
Emily Grogan – At Sea here.
Emily Grogan - Io here.
Grubstake - Dynamite & Other Inventions here.
Grubstake – Ghosts of Arkadelphia here.
Guapo - Black Oni here.
Guiltmaker – Driven By Arms here.
Guitar Wolf - Golden Black here.
Guster - Ganging Up On The Sun here.
Guttermouth - Shave The Planet here.
The Guys - Live The Party here.
Gym Class Heroes - The Papercut Chronicles here.
Gypsy Soul – The Journey here.


Haale – Paratrooper here.
Alexander Hacke - Sanctuary here.
Haiku – Blew here.
Hail Social - S/T here.
Hal - Hal here.
Hammers of Misfortune - The Locust Years here.
The Handshake Murders – Usurper here.
Hangnail - Facing Changes here.
Hannah Marcus - Desert Farmers here.
Hanover Saints – Murdertown here.
Hard Skin - Same Meat Different Gravy here.
Harlots: The Human War Machine here.
Jon Hassell – Maarifa Street: Magic Realism 2 here.
Hataklit - Akum. here.
The Hatepinks - Plastic Bag Ambitions here.
Head Automatica - Decadence here.
Head Automatica – Popaganda here.
Head Control System – Murder Nature here.
Headlights - The Enemies here.
The Head Set – Way Past Used here.
Headstrong - Self Titled. here.
Head Wound City - S/T here.
The Heart Attacks – Hellbound and Heartless here.
The Heartland - Demo here.
A Heartwell Ending - Trust Us We Lie here.
The Heavenly States - Black Comet here.
Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts - Self-Titled here.
Hed (PE) – Back 2 Base X here.
Heiarii – Dance! here.
Heideroosjes – Royal to the Bone here.
Hella - Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass here.
The Hellacopters- Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial here.
Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy here.

Hell Promise - Aim For Hell here.
Hellshock - Warlord EP here.
Her Majesty - Memory & Loss here.
Herman Rarebell – Too Late For Peace here.
Hero Pattern – The Deception EP here.
Ari Hest – The Green Room Sessions here.
Hey Tiger - September here.
Hide From Cleo – Coffee Dreams and Acoustic Beans here.
Hiding In Public – What Lies Ahead here.
Hi-Fi Sky - Music For Synchronized Swimming here.
The Higher - Histrionics here.
High Lo Fi-3 Sided Single here.
Zach Hill and Mick Barr – Shred Earthship here.
Hi Red Center – Architectural Failures here.
Hiretsukan - Invasive//Exotic here.
Hit The Switch – Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice here.
Hockey Night - Keep Guessin' here.
The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday here.
Jolie Holland – Springtime Can Kill You here.
Hollow Ground – Cold Reality here.
The Holy Mountain - Bloodstains Across Your Face in Decline here.
Honeycreeper - Freakqualizer here.
Honeyhander - Woolly Mannerisms here.
The Honorary Title - Anything Else But The Truth here.
Hoover's G-String - Elephant Parts here.
Hopewell - Hopewell and the Birds of Paradise here.
HorrorPops - Bring It On here.
Hot Cross – Risk Revival here.
Hot Mute - S/T here.
Hotpipes - The Deadly Poison here.
Hotrod Boogie - Last Train To Chuco here.
Hotspur - Beta here.
House of Fools – Live and Learn here.
House on a Hill - Ladyslipper here.
Houston Bernard - I <3 Houston here.
Houston Calls - A Collection of Short Stories here.
The Human Abstract - Nocturne here.
The Human Echo - Sonic Blanket here.
Human Racist-Human Racist here.
Humans Bow Down - A Mirror here.
The Human Value – S/T here.
Human Vice Patrol – S/T EP here.
Hundred Year Storm - Hello From The Children of Planet Earth here.
Hunter Brown – Raise Up here.
Jana Hunter – Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom here.
Hurt – Vol. 1 here.
Hurt - Vol. 1 Sampler here.
Hush - Bulletproof here.
Husky Rescue - Country Falls here.
The Hybrid - Demo Days here.
Hypocrisy-Into The Abyss here.
The Hypstrz – Live At The Longhorn here.


I Am Ghost - We Are Always Searching here.
I Am The Avalanche - S/T here.
I Am The Avalanche - S/T here.
Idiot Pilot - Strange We Should Meet Here here.
Idioverse - Demo here.
I Farm – So My Kids Won’t Have To here.
If Hope Dies – Life in Ruin here.
Iggy Pop - A Million In Prizes: The Anthology here.
Il Divo – Siempre here.
Illinois – What The Hell Do I Know here.
I Live With Zombies - Demo here.
Ima Robot – Monument To the Masses here.
Imperial Leather - Something Out of Nothing here.
In Black and White – The Thermocline here.
Incarnated – Pleasure of Consumption here.
In Case of Fire – S/T here.
In Civilian Clothing – We Made A Killing, We Made A Mess here.
Indifference - Born To Be A War Machine here.
Infliction - The Silencer here.
In Ink Please & The Foliage – How To Make Better Love (Split) here.
InMemory - In So Many Words here.
Innaway - S/T here.
Inner Surge – Matrika here.
Instant Camera - Alive On Departure here.
In Stereo - Death Before Emo here.
Intangible - Elevate EP here.
The Interns-I Like You. Do You Like Me?here.
Intrinzik - Double U I Double L here.
Intronaut - Void here.
The Invisible Eyes - Laugh In The Dark here.
Ion Dissonance – Solace here.
Iron Age – Constant Struggle here.
Ironbound NYC - With A Brick here.
Irving – Death in the Garden Blood on the Flowers here.
Irving Fields Trio - Bagels and Bongos here.
J. Isaac - Welcome To The Planet here.
Isis - Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations here.
Islands – Return to the Sea here.
Ism - Monkey Underneath here.
It Dies Today - Sirens here.
Ivy - In The Clear here.
Ivy's Butterfly - Facade here.


Jackson Del Rey & The Sun Kings - I Am The Light here.
Jade - Banned in America here.
The Jai-Alai Savant - Thunderstatement here.
Jaks - Here Lies The Body of Jaks here.
Jane - Close Up and Real here.
Jane - Seedling Jane here.
Jane's Addiction: The Best Of here.
Janeska – The Objective here.
Janez Detd - Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day here.
The January Taxi – Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us here.
Jarboe - Mystery of Faith here.
Jarboe - Thirteen Masks / Jarboe and Lary Seven - Beautiful People Ltd here.
Javelins - No Plants Just Animals here.
JDJ Band - Cruel Way here.
Jed & Lucia - Candles in Daylight here.
Jeff Ott - Will Work For Diapers here.
Jello Biafra and the Melvins - Never Breathe What You Can't See here.
The Jelly Bean Bandits – Bandit Planet here.
The Je Ne Sais Quoi - We Make Beginnings here.
Jenny Piccolo - S/T here.
Jenoah - Morning is When Jenoah Wakes Up here.
Jeremiah Freed - Slowride here.
Jeremiah Houston Band – Leave You Behind here.
Jeremy Gloff-Spin Girl Spin here.
Jettie - Heading For Mornings here.
J4 - Feeling Normal here.
JKPBombs - Demo here.
Job For A Cowboy - Doom here.
The JonBenet - Ugly/Heartless here.
Johnny Action Figure – Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning here.
Johnny Franchise and the Merchandise - Junior High Rock Show here.
Johnny Society - Coming To Get You here.
John Shaffer – Change here.
Peter C. Johnson – Yaka Yaka here.
John Wilkes Booze - Five Pillars of Soul Vol. 2 here.
The Jonbenet - The Plot Thickens here.
Jonny Lives – Get Steady here.
Jonuh – S/T here.
Jorma Whittaker - Self-titled here.
Josh Lederman Y Los Diablos – The Town’s Old Fair here.
Jotunspor - Gleipnirs Smederer here.
Journey – Generations here.
Joy Zipper - American Whip here.
J.Page - Goodbye Chapel Hill here.
J+J+J - They Hump While We Go Nuts here.
JR Ewing – Maelstrom here.
Juggernott - Necessary Evil here.
The Juliet Dagger - Saturday Morning / Sooper here.
Junker Jorg - Diet of Worms. here.
Just A Fire - Light Up here.


Kaddisfly - Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You A Unicorn here.
Kaddisfly – Set Sail The Prairie here.
Kalli – While The City Sleeps here.
Kamelot - The Black Halo here.
Kane Hodder – The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless here.
Kathrin Shorr - 4 Song EP here.
Kava Kava - Maui here.
Kcuf - Modern Primitive Punk here.
Keane - Under the Iron Sea here.
The Keep Aways - S/T EP here.
Keep of Kalessin - Armada here.
Paula Kelley – Some Sucker’s Life Part I here.
Kate Kennedy – Circle, Spiral, Line here.
Kevin Goes 2 College - Always Never The Same here.
Khanate - Capture & Release here.
Kharisma - Demo here.
Khierstin - Lost In This here.
Khold - Krek here.
Kiara - S/T here.
Christian Kiefer - Czar Nicholas is Dead here.
Christian Kiefer and Sharron Kraus – Black Dove here.
The Killer – Better Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six here.
Killer Squirrel – Songs For The Christmas Party here.
Killing The Dream - In Place, Apart here.
Killjoy Confetti - The Fun Is here.
Kill The Hippies - Erectospective here.
Kill Van Kull – Edge of Sunrise here.
Cast King - Saw Mill Man here.
King Elementary - Kudzu here.
Michael Weston King – A New Kind of Loneliness here.
Kirlian Aura – S/T here.
Kissing Cousins - EP2 here.
Kissing Cousins - S/T here.
The Kite-Eating Tree - Regard The End here.
Craig Kleemann – Worst Kisser Ever here.
Jess Klein - Stawberry Lover here.
Knuckles and Nipples - S/T here.
Knut-Bastardizer here.

Kola Koca Death Squad - S/T here.
Dave Koz – At The Movies here.
K.Page and Sleepwalker Parade – Green City here.
Pete Kronowitt - Elements here.
Kultur Shock – We Came To Take Your Jobs Away here.
K.W.A. – A New Heart here.

Patti LaBelle – Beautiful Ballads here.
Lagging Leftward - Self-titled here.
Lagwagon – Resolve here.
Lair of the Minotaur – Ultimate Destroyer here.
Lakota – Hope For The Haunted here.
Lamb of God - Killadelphia here.
Lamb of God - Sacrament here.
Laminator-Feed The Emporer here.
Lanky – Lost Chance For A First Impression here.
Lanky - Odd Hour Work Week here.
Lansing-Dreiden – The Dividing Island here.
Lanterna – Desert Ocean here.
La Rocca - Sing Song Sung here.
La Rocca – The Truth here.
The Lashes - Get It here.
The Lashes - The Stupid Stupid here.
Last Conservative - Pretty New Things here.
Last Day Parade-Last Day Parade here.
Last Target - One Shot One Kill here.
Angelo LaTona - Unveiled here.
Latterman - No Matter Where We Go here.
Latterman – Turn Up The Punk, We’ll Be Singing here.
Latterman - We Are Still Alive here.
Chris Laubis - In A Wyrd Place here.
The Lawrence Arms - Cocktails & Dreams here.
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33: Nike+ Original Run here.
Leana - Faith in Myself here.
Left Alone - Dead American Radio here.
Left is West – Alive Between The Record Sleeves here.
Legbone - Different Path Sampler here.
The Legendary Hucklebucks – Rattle All Night Long and Shake You! here.
Len Guardino - Demo here.
Leon-Vest - So Blue here.
Less Than Jake – In With The Out Crowd here.
Let Go - S/T here.
Letlive – Exhaustion, Salt Water, and Everything in Between here.
Letlive – Speak Like You Talk here.
Let’s Go Sailing – The Chaos In Order here.
Letter Kills - The Bridge here.
The Letters Organize - Dead Rhythm Machine here.
Lewis - Even So here.
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat here.
Sisaundra Lewis – Shout here.
The Life And Times - Suburban Hymns here.
Life In Pictures - By The Sign of the Spyglass here.
A Life Once Lost - Hunter here.
Lifted - Sitting On High here.
Toby Lightman - Bird On A Wire here.
The Light Wires – Self-Titled here.
Light Yourself On Fire – S/T here.
The Like – Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? here.
Limbeck - Hi, Everything's Great here.
Limbeck – Let Me Come Home here.
Mark Lind - Death or Jail here.
Little Brazil - You and Me here.
Little Klimt and Chofferson - Split here.
Living Things - Ahead of the Lions here.
Livitz Livitz – Footlong here.
LN - Dirt Floor Hotel Pt 2 here.
Local H - Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles? here.
Lock and Key - No Fate here.
Lock and Key - Pull Up The Floorboards here.
The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last here.
Logh - Every Time a Bell Ring an Angel Gets His Wings here.
Lonely H – Kick Upstairs here.
Long Since Forgotten - Standing Room Only here.
Longwave - There's A Fire here.
Look Mexico – The Crucial EP here.
Looks Like Rain - S/T EP + 2 here.
Look What I Did - My First Time here.
Lordroc - E2 to Bass here.
Lorene Drive - Romantic Wealth here.
Lordi - The Arockalypse here.
Lords - The House That Lords Built here.
Los Burbanks – Snake here.
Los Deadbeats – Probably Drunk here.
Losing All Pride - Down This Road here.

Los Kung-Fu Monkeys - Rebuilding the World here.
The Lost Patrol Band - S/T here.
The Lot Six - Major Fables here.
Loudlife - S/T here.
Love and Squalor - It's A Secret to Everybody here.
The Loved Ones – Keep Your Heart here.
Lovedrug – Everything Starts Where It Ends here.
Lovedrug – Pretend You’re Alive here.
The Love Drunks – S/T here.
Love Equals Death – Nightmarica here.
Love.45 - Self/Titled here.
Love 45 - The Seattle Sessions EP here.
The Lovekill – These Moments Are Momentum here.
The Lovely Feathers - Hind Hind Legs here.
Lower Forty-Eight – Apertures here.
Low Flying Jets – Love Is In The Air here.
Low Frequency In Stereo - The Last Temptation of The Low Frequency in Stereo Vol. 1 here.
Julie Loyd – All That You Ask here.
Luca - Self-Titled here.
Jeffrey Luck Lucas - What We Whisper here.
Lucero - Nobody's Darlings here.
Lucero - That Much Further West here.
Lullaby Baxter - Garden Cities of To-morrow here.
LVXUS - Cloudland here.
Lycia - Estrella here.
Lydia – This December; It’s One More And I’m Free here.


Mabus - Cheers To Doomsday Gloom here.
Lindsay Mac - Small Revolution here.
Alex Machacek - [Sic] here.
Machinemade God - The Infinity Complex here.
Bill Madden – Gone here.
Madisonprep – Flammable In 5th Gear here.
Madrepore – Overblown here.
Mad Tea Party – Big Top Soda Pop here.
Maeve Hughes Trio – Begin From Within here.
Magicicada – Everyone is Everyone here.
Magnet – The Tourniquet here.
Mahi Mahi - (Re) Move Your Body here.
Majestic Twelve – Searching For The Elvis Knob here.
The Majestic Twelve – Schizophrenology here.
Make Believe - Shock of Being here.
The Mall – Emergency At The here.
Man Alive - Open Surgery here.
Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn - S/T here.
Man Man – Six Demon Bag here.
Map - San Francisco in the 90's here.
Marathon - S/T here.
Mardo – The New Gun here.
The Mark – Blackouts of Whitecaps here.
Steven Mark - Aloneaphobia here.
Cody Marks – In-Her-State here.
Maroon - Endorsed By Hate here.
Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder here.
David Martin – Something In Your Eyes here.
Mary-Jane – What I Came Here For here.
Mass Movement of the Moth – Outer Space here.
Mass Movement of the Moth + Catalyst - Two Thousand and 666 here.
Mastodon - Blood Mountain here.
Matadors – The Muse of Senor Ray here.
Matchbook Romance - Stories & Alibis here.
The Matches - E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals here.
Matt Angus Thing - Political Pop here.
The Matthew Show - Texas here.
Matthew West - Sellout. here.
Matt Pond PA - Several Arrows Later here.
Matt Skiba and Kevin Seconds - Split here.
Maven – Mary here.
Maverick - Caught In The Negatives here.
Maximum Penalty – Demo 89 & East Side Story here.
Mazarin - We're Already There here.
Mazing Vids - Ride the Rings here.
M B Conn - From Black To Purple here.
MC Homeless – Pink Unicorns here.
Sarah McLachlan - Bloom Remix Album here.
Larkin McLean - X-Rated Musical here.
MC 13 – Illadelph Eternal here.
MDM-New Album Promo here.
Measles Mumps Rubella - Fantastic Success here.
Meathook-Meathook here.
Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose here.
Meat Loaf (feat. Marion Raven) – It’s All Coming Back To Me Now here.
Ed Mecija - S/T EP here.
Medications - Self/Titled here.
John Mellencamp - Freedom's Road here.
Mellowdrone – Box here.
The Melvins - Mangled Demos From 1983 here.
The Memory Band - Apron Strings here.
Men of Gentle Birth - Ye Of Little Faith here.
Mental Pain – Five Years of Pain 99’ – 04’ here.
Mephi - Music for Dead Blondes here.
Mercy Killers - Bloodlore here.
Mercy Killers and Enemy Rose - And To Become One here.
Merge - This Could Be You here.
Merit – S/T here.
Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia – Well-Matched here.
Mess Up The Mess – You Remind Me Of Summer Vacation here.
Metric - Live It Out here.
Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites here.
Mezzanine Owls – Slingshot Echoes here.
Mi and L'Au - S/T here.
Drayton Michaels – Low Stress in the Deep End here.
Midnight Movies – Lion The Girl here.
Midnight Movies – Patient Eye / Golden Hair here.
Blake Miller – Together With Cats here.
Jeff Mills – Blue Potential here.
Milton and the Devils Party - What Is All This Sweet Work Worth? here.
Minmae – 835 here.
The Minor Leagues - The Pestilence is Coming here.
Minutes To Burn - Self/Titled here.
Minutes Too Far - Let it Roll here.
Miranda Sound - Western Reserve here.
Miss Autopsy – Sweet here.
Misstress Barbara – Come With Me… here.
Miss Violetta Beauregarde - Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arco here.
The Mitchells – Slow Gears here.
Mizar - The King of the Stars here.
Mizar – The King of the Stars (Remaster) here.
Mob Stereo - Too Young To Go Steady here.
Mock Orange - The Record Play here.
Modern Day Urban Barbarians – The Endless Retreat here.
Modern Machines - Taco Blessing here.
Moments In Grace - Moonlight Survived here.
Moments in Grace - These Days Will Fade here.
Moment Theory – S/T here.
Monarch - S/T here.
Monarch - Tragedy Holds The Hand Of Hope here.
.moneen. – Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? here.
.moneen. - The theory of harmonial value here.
Jane Monheit – Surrender here.
Monitors – Buller here.
Monkey - Cruel Tutelage here.
The Monorail - A Whole New City here.
Monsieur Leroc - I'm Not Young, But I Need The Money here.
Monster Movie - All Lost here.
Monsters Are Waiting – Fascination here.
Monty Are I - Wall of People here.
Moonspell – Memorial here.
Moral Decay - Demo 2002. here.
Mord - Christendom Perished here.
Morello – Twelve Ways To Breathe here.
The Morning After Girls – Prelude: EP’s 1 & 2 here.
Moros Eros – I Saw The Devil Last Night and Now The Sun Shines Bright here.
Rex Moroux – Royal Street Inn here.
James Morrison – Undiscovered here.
Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory here.
Mouth Sewn Shut - Pandemic = Solution here.
The Movies - In One Era Out The Other here.
Movie Star Kiss – Starting Over here.
Movies With Heroes – Nothing Here is Perfect here.
Mower – Not For You here.
Mr. T Experience - Yesterday Rules here.
Mt Gigantic – Gleanings and Gatherings here.
Mt. Gigantic - Old Smiler here.
M2B – Signs here.
Andy Mullen – I Wish My Name Were Jack here.
Multiverse - Demo here.
Mummy The Peepshow - School Girl Pop here.
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation here.
Murder By Death - In Bocca Al Lupo here.
Murder Disco X - Ground Zero: Stuttgart here.
Jen Murdza – Things Untold here.
Musical Underground Theatre – To A Town Near You here.
Mustard Plug - Masterpieces: 1991-2002 here.
Mustard Plug - Yellow #5 here.
MxPx – Let It Happen here.
My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge here.
My New Life - A Sad State of Affairs here.
My Revenge! - Less Plot, More Blood here.
The Myriad - You Can't Trust A Ladder here.
My Ruin - The Brutal Language here.


Nada Surf - The Weight Is A Gift here.
Nagg - S/T here.
The Nancy School - Fancy Title for a Part Time Job here.
Nashville Pussy - Get Some here.
Nathan Asher & The Infantry – Sex Without Love here.
The Naysayers – S/T here.
Nazi Dogs – Chase The Man here.
Therese Neaime - Livin' here.
Near Miss - Testing The Ends of What They'll Put Up here.
Necrophobic - Hrimthursum here.
Needtobreathe – Daylight here.
Negative Reaction - Under the Ancient Penalty here.
Nekromantix – Dead Girls Don’t Cry here.
Nemasis and J-Wo - Demo here.
Neon Blonde - Chandeliers in the Savannah here.
Neon Sleep - Endormi et Rever here.
Neurosis & Jarboe - Self/Titled here.
Neurosonic - Drama Queen here.
Neurotic Swingers - Sexy & Mysterious here.
The New Amsterdams – Story Like A Scar here.
New Bruises – Transmit! Transmit! here.
The New Dawn - Rekindled here.
New Electric - S/T here.
New England Roses - Face Time With Son here.
New Found Glory - Coming Home here.
The New Lou Reeds - Screwed here.
Lauren K Newman – Postulate I here.
Mark Newman – Must Be A Pony here.
The New Tragedies - Vanity Vanity here.
The New Transit Direction - Wonderful Defense Mechanisms here.
The New York Rel-X - Sold Out Of Love here.
Stevie Nicks – Crystal Visions here.
Nightmare of You - S/T here.
The Nillaz - Home Wrecker here.
Nine Black Alps – Everything Is here.
Nine Black Alps - S/T here.
9 Circles - From the Outside here.
Ninja Gun - Smooth Transitions here.
Nobody - And Everything Else here.
No Front Teeth - Suburban Life Sentence. here.
NoFX – Never Trust A Hippy here.
Nofx – Wolves in Wolves Clothing here.
No More Kings - S/T here.
None Dare Call It Treason - Preparing for the Quiet Wars here.
None More Black - Loud About Loathing here.
None More Black – This is Satire here.
No Ninja - I'm No Ninja EP. here.
Norine Braun - Now & Zen here.
Norma Jean - O God, The Aftermath here.
No Roses – Hell or High Water here.
The North Atlantic - Wires In The Walls here.
Northern Liberties – Secret Revolution here.
North Mississippi Allstars – Electric Blue Watermelon: Screwed and Chopped EP here.
No Second Troy – Narcotic here.
No Trigger - Canyoneer here.
N.S.B. - Ahora O Nunca here.
The Nova Dream Sequence - Interpretations here.
Null Objct - The Blind Clockmaker here.
Number One Fan - Compromises here.
Nural - The Weight of the World here.
Paolo Nutini – Live Sessions here.
NVS – Silicon Valley Modern Suicide here.


Oasis – Stop The Clocks here.
The Obsoletes - Is This Progress? here.
The Ocean – Aeolian here.
Sinead O'Connor - Collaborations here.
The October - …Bye Bye Beautiful here.
Officer Down-Officer Down here.
Dustin O'Halloran - Piano Solos Vol 2 here.
Ohn – Revolutionary Revolution here.
The One AM Radio – This Too Will Pass here.
One5Oh! - Superhero here.
The 101 - Green Street here.
Marykate O’Neil – 1-800-BANKRUPT here.
Oni Draug - I'm A Man here.
The Only Children - Change of Living here.
Only Crime – Virulence here.
On The Outside – Tragic Endings here.
The Oohlas - Best Stop Pop here.
Orange - Welcome To The World Of Orange here.
Oranger - New Comes and Goes here.
Christopher O'Riley - Hold Me To This here.
Christopher O'Riley - Home To Oblivion: A Tribute To Elliot Smith here.
Osaka Popstar – S/T here.
OST: Around The World in 80 Days here.
OST: Apocalypto here.
OST: Babel here.
OST: Billy Elliot the Musical here.
OST: Catch and Release here.
OST: Charlotte’s Web here.
OST: The Color Purple here.
OST: Da Vinci Code here.
OST: Home of the Brave here.
OST: King Kong here.
OST: Lady in the Water here.
OST: The Matador here.
OST: Miami Vice here.
OST: Munich here.
OST: Music From The Motion Picture Price & Prejudice here.
OST: Music From The Music Picture Superman Returns here.
OST: The Number 23 here.
OST: The Painted Veil here.
OST: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer here.
OST: The Producers here.
OST: Saw III here.
OST: Scoop here.
OST: Spring Awakening here.
OST: Sweeney Todd here.
OST: Tarzan here.
OST: The Triangle here.
Ostinato - Chasing The Form here.
Otherside-EP here.
Outsmarting Simon - Stand Up Straight here.
The Overdogs-The Overdogs here.
Over It - Silverstrand here.
Over It - Timing is Everything here.
Overated - S/T here.


Pablo – Half The Time here.
Blair Packham - Could've Been King here.
Page France - Hello Dear Wind here.
Paint By Numbers – Plastic here.
Paleo - Misery, Missouri here.
The Pale Pacific - Rules Are Predictable here.
The Pale Pacific – Urgency here.
Palumbo - Citizen X here.
Pama International - Float Like A Butterfly here.
Pan For Punks - A Steelpan Tribute To The Ramones here.
The Panic Division – Versus here.
P:ano - Brigadoon here.
The Paper Champions – End.Transmission EP here.
The Paper Champions - Weekend of Compromise here.
The Paper Chase – God Bless Your Black Heart here.
Paperface – The Legend of Harley Knowles here.
Lisa Papineau - Night Moves here.
Paradise Lost – S/T here.
Paramore - All We Know Is Falling here.
Paris Texas - Like You Like An Arsonist here.
Park – It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going here.
Park - No Signal here.
Mike Park - For the <3 of Music here.
Mike Park - North Hangook Park here.
Particle Zoo - Loneliness and Strangers here.
Partyline – Zombie Terrorist here.
Patent Pending – Save The Children, The Whales Are Doing Fine here.
Paths of Possession - Promises In Blood here.
Partisan - The Gothic and The Gospel here.
Dave Patten – Too Close, Too Far here.
Pattern is Movement - The (Im)possibility of Longing here.
Pattern Is Movement - Stowaway here.
Paulson - All At Once here.
Paulson - Variations here.
David Pavia – Songs For Soft Machines here.
Pedro The Lion - Achilles' Heel here.
The Pennyroyals - There Is No Revolution here.
People Chasing People - The Dayglow Light of Sleep here.
People In Planes - As Far As The Eye Can See here.
Pepper - In With the Old here.
Pepper – No Shame here.
The Perishers - Let There Be Morning here.
Permanent Me – Dear Virginia here.
Persephone’s Bees – Notes From The Underworld here.
Person - Entitled here.
Phallus - No Talent Ass Clown here.
Glen Phillips – Mr. Lemons here.
John Phillips – The Wolfking of L.A. here.
A Phoenix Down – The Debauchery Continues here.
The Phoenix Foundation – Horsepower here.
Phoenix Mourning - When Excuses Become Antiques here.
The Photo Atlas – No, Not Me, Never here.
Picket Line - Chapter: End here.
Stuart Pierce – Too Far To Fly here.
Pillbox Remedy - Wasted Memories here.
Pin-Ups - S/T here.
Pipebomb - Disclaimer here.
Pistol Grip - Tear It All Down! here.
Pistolita – Oliver Under The Moon here.
Pitch Black - This Is The Modern Sound here.
Pittysing - Self-Titled here.
Place of Skulls – The Black Is Never Far here.
Planeside - Milk here.
A Planet for Texas - Sprechen Sie Rock? here.
A Planet For Texas-"You Can Still Rock In America" here.
Playradioplay – The Frequency EP here.
The Playwrights – English Self Storage here.
Plea For Peace, Volume 2. here.
Please Mr Gravedigger – Throw A Beat here.
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Towwer - Inri here.
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Love In The Fascist Brothel here.
Plumb - Chaotic Resolve here.
The Pocket Gods - Lost here.
Poisoned Child - Three Monkeys here.
Politburo-Politburo here.
Polly Panic – Painkiller here.
Polyphonic - A.D.A. here.
Polysics - Neu Pong – Bubble City here.
Eliot Popkin - Endless Ride here.
The Positions - Bliss here.
Post Office Gals – Esbeohdes here.
Jo Potter – 8 Circles here.
Potty Mouth Society - S/T here.
Power Lloyd – World Cowboy here.
Powerman 5000 - Destroy What You Enjoy here.
Daniel Powter – S/T here.
Preeta – In This Moment here.

Premonitions of War - Left in Kowloon here.
Giorgio Pretti - Cuidado Mano here.
Pretty Flowers - S/T here.
The Prids - Until The World is Beautiful here.
Spike Priggen - There's No Sound in Flutes here.
Primal Scream - Riot City Blues here.
The Prodigy - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned here.
The Prom Kings - S/T here.
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits here.
Proverb - Proverbs here.
Provoke - No Way Out here.
Provoked - Infant in the Womb of Warfare here.
Provoked - Prepare For The Cold here.
The Psychic Paramount – Live 2002: The Franco-Italian Tour here.
The Psycho Nubs – First Human Beings To Die On The Moon here.
Public Access - Fleeced here.
Purrbot - Civil Unrest here.
The Purrs - S/T here.
Pvrenchymv - Demo here.


QuarterLife Crisis - Forget The Time here.
Quartet of Happiness – S/T here.
Quasi - Hot Shit here.
Qwel and Meaty Ogre – Freezer Burner here.
Quickening - Are You Listening? here.
Quickening - A Victory . here.
Daniel Patrick Quinn - Ridin' The Stang here.


Rabies Caste - Let the Soul Out and Cut the Vein here.
Rabies Caste – S/T CD here.
Racebannon - The Inevitable: Singles and Rareities 1997-2005 here.
Racecar - 10 Songs here.
RachelAPP - Burstin' EP here.
Joshua Radin – We Were Here here.
The Radium Screen – White Faces here.
Raised Fist – Sound of the Republic here.
The Rakes - Retreat here.
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – I Stand Alone here.
The Randies – Saw The Light here.
Randy - Cheater here.
Randy – Randy The Band here.
Rankin’ Scroo – Godfada here.
Raquy and the Cavemen - Jordan here.
Rawdialect - Demo here.
Raze to Ashes – S/T here.
Razor Crusade - Infinite Water here.
The Real McKenzies - Oot & Aboot here.
The Reason - Ravenna here.
The Receiver – Decades here.
Red Animal War - Slowride Split here.
Red-Eyed Legends - The High I Feel When I'm Low here.
The Red Hot Valentines - Calling Off Today here.
The Red Hot Valentines - Self/Titled. here.
The Red Hot Valentines - Summer Fling here.
The Red Hot Valentines - There Is No Plan B. here.
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Don’t You Fake It here.
Red Knife Lottery - So Much Drama here.
Red Light Cinema – S/T here.
Reducers SF - Raise Your Hackles here.
Reel Big Fish - We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy here.
Reindeer/Tiger Team - EP here.
Relm - Veteran's Memorial here.
Renminbi - The Great Leap here.
The Reputation - To Force A Fate here.
Respira-Respira here.
The Retainers - Captive Audience here.
Retching Red - Get Your Red Wings! here.
Retching Red – Scarlet Whore of War here.
John Reuben – Word of Mouth here.
Revelation Theory – Truth Is Currency here.
Revolution Mother – Enjoy The Ride here.
Reza - Ray of the Wine here.
Rhapsody of Fire - Triumph or Agony here.
Richard McGraw - Her Sacred Status, My Militant Needs here.
Riding Paper Airplanes - S/T here.
Righteous Jams - Rage of Discipline here.
Rikets - Anything For The Devil here.
Riptopolis-"MCMXCIX" here.
Rise Against - Siren Song of The Counter-Culture EP here.
Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness here.
Rise and Shine - The Anthems of Summer here.
Rise and Shine - Self/Titled EP here.
Riverboat Gamblers – To The Confusion of Our Enemies here.
River City High-Forgets Their Manners here.
River City High-Richmond Hotel here.
Carmen Rizzo – The Lost Art of the Idle Moment here.

RJ & The Imperatives - Hurricane Season here.
Robbers on High Street – The Fatalist and Friends here.
Sam Roberts – Chemical City here.
The Robot Ate Me - Carousel Waltz here.
Robots and Empire - Cast Shadows On Dragons here.
Rob Peters - Flatiron here.
Anthony Robustelli – Another Fatal Blow here.
Rockdotrock – The Confidential EP here.
The Rocket Summer - Hello, Good Friend here.
Rocket 350 - Built To Last here.
Rock Kills Kid – Are You Nervous? here.
Rocky Votolato - Suicide Medicine here.
Roger Miret and the Disasters - 1984 here.
Roman Numerals - S/T here.
Roma 79 - The Great Dying here.
Rose Kemp – A Hand Full of Hurricanes here.
Roses Are Red - What Became of Me here.
Alex Ross-Iver – Best of 2001-2005 here.
Diana Ross – I Love You here.
Andrew Douglas Rothbard – Abandoned Meander here.
Rotten Sound-Still Psycho here.
Josh Rouse – Subtitulo here.
Roy - Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption here.
Royal Bliss - After The Chaos II here.
Royce - Tough Love here.
Royden - Best Friends Our Worst Enemies here.
Royden – Best Friends Our Worst Enemies here.
RPM - Irrational Anthem here.
RRRRRRRobin - Passion here.
Rubikon - The Hollow Men here.
Rub-N-Tug – Fabric30 here.
Rufio - The Comfort of Home here.
R.U.I.-Two Minute Warning here.
Rumbleseat - Is Dead here.
The Rum Diary - Poisons That Save Lives here.
Run Away From The Humans - We Exist here.
The Runs - Wet Sounds here.
The Ruse – Light In Motion here.
Kate Russell - Powerful Stuff here.
Rusty Like – Pirouette here.
Matthew Ryan – From A Late Night High-Rise here.


Sabrosa Purr – Music from the Violet Room here.
Sacriversum - Mozartia here.
Safety in Numbers - In The Key Of D here.
Rachael Sage – The Blistering Sun here.
Sahg - Sahg I here.
The Sainte Catherines – Dancing For Decadence here.
Roger Sanchez – Choice: A Selection of Classics here.
Roger Sanchez - Come With Me here.
Sandy Dillon - Nobody's Sweetheart here.
The Santiago Steps - Points & Corners here.
Sarah Brindell - Live at the Paradise Lounge here.
Sarah Brindell - Piece Of Mind here.
Satori - Savor Every Moment here.
Joe Satriani - Super Colossal here.
Saturn - Deviant here.
Saturn - The Virgin Poet here.
Saxon – Dogs Of War here.
Say Anything - Is A Real Boy here.
S.B.C. - The Dicktad EP here.
S.B.C. - Self-Titled LP here.
Scale Model - Humdrum EP here.
Scale Model - S/T EP here.
Sean Smith / Adam Snider / Matt Baldwin – Berkeley Guitar 2006 here.
The Scared Stiffs – Autopsy Turvy here.
The Scarred – No Solution here.
Schleprock - Learning To Fall here.
Schoolyard Heroes - Fantastic Wounds here.
Scott Law Band – Deliver here.
Zoe Scott – Beautiful To Be Alive here.
Scout Nibblett - I Am here.
Rich Schroder – Your Kind Words here.
Screeching Weasel - Anthem For A New Tomorrow here.
Screeching Weasel - How To Make Enemies & Irritate People here.
Screeching Weasel - Wiggle here.
Screw Jack - Shock Value here.
Secret Agent Bill - S/T here.
Secret Apollo - Homemade Time Machine here.
Secret Lives of the Freemasons - This Was Built to Make You Dance (Here is Your Revolution) here.
The Secret Machines - Now Here is Nowhere here.
The Secret Machines – Ten Silver Drops here.
Sedalia – Growtheries EP here.
Selfmademan - The Daylight Robbery here.
Semaphore - Make here.
Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You here.
September is Falling - Self-titled here.
Sepultura – Dante XXI here.
Setherial - Death Triumphant here.
Settlefish - dance a while, upset here.
Sevendust – Next here.
7K – Knick Knacks and Apparel here.
7 Seconds - Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! here.
The Seventh Cross - Scorched By The Flames of Vengeance here.
Seven 13 - Devour here.
The Seventh Season - Fall Within here.
Severe Torture – Fall Of The Despised here.
The Sex Rays - S/T here.
Erin Sax Seymour – Good Girl here.
Shaggy - Clothes Drop here.
Shai Hulud - A Comprehensive Retrospective here.
Shai Hulud - Hearts Once Nourished here.
Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred of Man here.
Shallow Water Grave - Suspension of Disbelief here.
Shark Pants - Porno Snakehead here.
Sharks and Minnows - The Cost of Living here.
Shark Soup – Fatlip Showbox here.
The Sharp Ease - Going Modern here.
Shaw-Blades – Influence here.
(S)he – Animal here.
Jules Shear – Dreams Don’t Count here.
Shearwater – Palo Santo here.
Shedaisy - Fortuneteller's Melody here.
The Shimmers - The Way You Shine here.
Shine - Self-Titled here.
Ari Shine – Age / Occupation here.
Shinky - Forgive, Forget, Repeat here.
Shock Nagasaki - Year of the Spy here.
Shook Ones – Slaughter of the Insole 7” here.
A Shoreline Dream - Avoiding The Consequences here.
Shortie - Worthless Smiles here.
Shortstack - S/T here.
Showbread - Age of Reptiles here.
The Showdown – Temptation Come My Way here.
Sidewalk Slutz-Sidewalk Slutz here.
The Sights - S/T here.
Sigur Ros - Saeglopur here.
Sigur Ros - Takk here.
Silent Civilian – Rebirth of the Temple here.
Silo the Huskie - Knights of Columbus here.
Arielle Silver - Something Pretty Something True here.
Silver in December - Nothing Special EP here.
Silversun Pickups - Carnavas here.
Silversun Pickups - Pikul here.
Simon Fisk Trio - Trainwrecks here.
Since By Man - Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse here.
Since Remembered - Coming Alive here.
Sin in Space - Asteroid Band here.
sisterpete-Demo| here.
Silverado - Self-Titled here.
Six Feet Under - A Decade In The Grave here.
The Sixfifteens – Feature, Conference, Transfer here.
Sixfinger - East Side All-Stars Play Hard here.
65daysofstatic - One Time For All Time here.
Sixty Stories/Painted Thin. here.
Noush Skaugen – Palomino here.
Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys - Git here.
Skid Row – Revolutions Per Minute here.
The Skulls - Night of the Living Skulls here.
Skye – Good Boys Don’t here.
Skyforger - Kauja Pie Saules here.
Skyline Rodeo – Long Drive To Iceland here.
Skylines – Identity here.
SLA – Sonic Love Affair here.
Slang – Every Day here.
The Slats - Boom Patrol here.
The Slats - Pick It Up here.
Slayer - Christ Illusion here.
Sleepaway – S/T here.
Sleep Comes Down - Wax Romantic here.
Slick – Elements of the Game here.
Slow Gherkin - Run Screaming here.
Slow Motion Reign – S/T here.
Slowride - Building the Building here.
Slowride – C/S here.
Slow Runner – No Disassemble here.
Sluts of Trust - We Are All Sluts of Trust here.
Small Arms Dealer – A Single Unifying Theory here.
A Small Victory - El Camino here.
A Small Victory - The Pieces We Keep here.
Josh Small - Self/Titled here.
Smallspace - No Matter here.
The Smashup – Being and Becoming here.
Patti Smith – Twelve here.
Smogtown - All Wiped Out here.
Smoke - Smoke Follows Beauty. here.
Smoke Or Fire – This Sinking Ship here.
Smoking Popes - The Party's Over here.
Smoking Popes - A Tribute here.
Snack Truck - Harpoon here.
Snakes and Music - Isabelle here.
Kelly Snyder - Oxygen here.
Soce – The Lemonade Incident here.
Socialburn – The Beauty of Letting Go here.
Socratic - Lunch For The Sky here.
Sodom - S/T here.
Soft Machine Legacy - Live At The New Morning here.
So I Had To Shoot Him – Alpha Males & Popular Girls here.
The Soma Solution - Conscious here.
Some Girls - The DNA Will Have It's Way here.
Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens here.
Somerset - Pandora here.
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped here.
Sons and Daughters - The Repulsion Box here.
Sophe Lux – Waking The Mystics here.
SOS - A Guide To Better Living here.
So They Say - Antidote For Irony here.
Soular – Love Crash Heal here.
Soulwax - Night Versions here.
The Sounds – Dying To Say This To You here.
Sounds Like Violence - The Pistol here.
Sound the Alarm - S/T EP here.
Sourvein – Emerald Vulture here.
The Southland - Influence Of Geography here.
The Soviettes - LP II here.
Sparks - Hello Young Lovers here.
Speakers For The Dead – Prey For Murder here.
The Specifics - Demo here.
Spektr - The Near Death Experience here.
Speed of Life - Mainstay here.
Amilia K Spicer – Seamless here.
Spin Doctors - Nice Talking To Me here.
The Spinto Band - Nice And Nicely Done here.
Spitvalves - Movin On here.
The Spanish Word For Danger-Demo here.
Sparrows Swarm and Sing - Untitled II here.
Spitalfield - Stop Doing Bad Things here.
Spitfire – Self-Help here.
Split Habit – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is here.
Spunji - Rock This! here.
Squirtgun/Teen Idols Split here.
SSM – EP-1 here.
SSM – S/T here.
SSSP – 2006 7” here.
Stabbed in Back - A Portrait of Noise here.
Stairwell - The Sounds of Change here.
Paul Stanley – Live To Win here.
Staring Back - Many Will Play here.
Staring Back - On here.
Staring Back - The Mean Streets of Goleta here.
Starkweather - Croatoan here.
Starlight Mints – Drowaton here.
Stars and Stripes – One Man Army here.
Stars Are Falling – The Consequence of Revenge here.
Stars of Track and Field – Centuries Before Love and War here.
Stat Quo - Get Low here.
The Starvations - Gravity's A Bitch here.
State Bird – Marching Thru The Wilderness here.
A Static Lullaby - Faso Latido here.
A Static Lullaby - S/T here.
Static-X - Start A War here.
Stavesacre – How To Live With A here.
Steel Pier Sinners - Wicked here.
Steel Train - Twilight Tales From The Prairies of the Sun here.
Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up here.
Stella Maris - S/T here.
Stereotyperider - Prolonging the Inevitable here.
Steve Lieberman - Arbeiter At The Gate here.
Steve Lieberman - Desert Fever Brigade here.
Steve Lieberman - Jew In The Underground here.
Steve Lieberman - Jewish Pirate here.
Steve Lieberman - Jewish Riot - Oy! Oy! Oy!! here.
Steve Lieberman - Liquidatia-455 here.
Steve Lieberman – Punkifier here.
Steve Lieberman – Viva The Gangsta Rabbi here.
Steve Towson - 1 Shot At Freedom here.
Steve Towson - When The Revolution Comes here.
Stickyfingerz Records - Music To Piss Off The Old Folk here.
Stiilpoint – Bleed Every Note here.
The Stitches - 8 x 12" here.
The Stolen Records - Basement Songs here.
Storm The Castle - The Free of Charge Demo here.
Straight Dope Cherry – Bell Bottom Baby here.
Straitjacket - Modern Theives here.
The Strap-Ons "Geeking Dream" here.
Stellastarr* - Harmonies For The Haunted here.
Steven Zultanski - Ghost Hole here.
Jake Stigers - Comin' Back Again here.
Jake Stigers - No Vacancy here.
Stonegard - Arrows here.
Kelley Stoltz – Below The Branches here.
Story of the Year - In The Wake of Determination here.
The Stranger’s Six – A Date With Daylight here.
Street Dogs - Savin Hill. here.
Street Drum Corps – S/T here.
Strike Anywhere - To Live In Discontent here.
Strike Fire Fall – Still Life here.
Strung Out - Exile in Oblivion here.
Strychnine - Born in a Bar here.
Strychnine – Oakland Stadtmusiranten “Live” in Bremen, Germany here.
Ruben Studdard – The Return here.
Stutterfly - And We Are Bled Of Color here.
Styrofume - Legplant. here.
The Subjects – With The Ease Grace Precision and Cleverness of Human Beings here.
The Submarines – Declare A New State here.
Sub Rosa - Slings and Arrows here.
Sucka Brown - Demo here.
Sucka Brown – Extra Medium here.
Suffrajett - Suffrajett EP here.
Suicide Machines-Battle Hymnshere.
Suicide Machines-Suicide Machines here.
Terry Sullivan - The Erth Moovs around the Sun here.
Sum 41- Selections From Chuck here.
The Summer Obsession – This Is Where You Belong here.
Summer of '92 - Bullets here.
The Sun - Blame It On The Youth here.
Sunday Driver - Letter to Bryson City here.
Sunn o)))- 00 void here.
Sunno + Boris - Altar here.
Sunset Rubdown – S/T EP here.
Sunset Rubdown – Shut Up I Am Dreaming here.
Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got A Leg here.
Sunshine - Moonshower and Razorblades here.
Supercreep - S/T here.
Super Deluxe - Surrender! here.
Superiority Complex - Stand Up here.
Supermodel Suicide - Might As Well Just Kill Us Now here.
Supersystem - Always Never Again here.
Surrounded - Safety In Numbers here.
Sweater Club – Five More Minutes here.
Sweet Distortion – Life Kills here.
Swing Ding Amigos - Kings of Culo here.
Swing Ding Amigos - The Mongolita Chronicles here.
Seth Swirsky - Instant Pleasure here.
Swissfarlo - Boxed here.
Switched - Ghosts In The Machine here.
The Sword - Age of Winters here.
Sworn Enemy - The Beginning of the End here.
Sworn Vengeance - Domination here.
Synoptic - This Is What I'm Saying here.
System and Station – Here Is Now here.


Tack – Porn here.
Taking Notes #1 - A Tonedeaf Records Compilation. here.
Takota – The Ivory Tower here.
The Tanks - Summon Creature here.
Tarantula - Atlantic here.
Tarantula A.D. – Book of Sand here.
Tax Slave - Bohemian Grove/Religion here.
Taz Taylor - Caffeine Racer here.
TDNDOK - Self Titled. here.
Tefflon - The Morning Way here.
Jennifer Tefft – Time Is A Thief here.
The Televangelist and the Architect – Diaries of the Intelligentsia here.
The Tell Alls – Feeding Frenzy here.
William Tell – You Can Hold Me Down here.
Temper Temper - S/T here.
The Templars - Clockwork Orange Horror Show here.
Robert Temple And His Soulfolk Ensemble - What Would You Do? here.
Tenebre - Heart's Blood here.
Ten Falls Forth – Excuse Me, I Believe That’s My Ride here.
Ten in The Swear Jar - Accordion Solo! here.
Ten Mile Tide – S/T here.
1090 Club – S.O.S. here.
Tension Wire - Rips, Punctures, Tears & Fractures here.
10 Years - The Autumn Effect here.
The Terms – Small Town Computer Crash here.
Jim Testa - There Goes The Neighborhood here.
Testament - Live In London here.
That Handsome Devil - S/T here.
Theatre of Tragedy - Storm here.
theKILLINGtree - Bury Me at Makeout Creek here.
Things Fall Apart - Self/Titled here.
Things Fall Apart - We Are All here.
13 & God - S/T here.
1349 – Hellfire here.
31 Knots - The Curse of the Longest Day here.
31 Knots - Talk Like Blood here.
This is Hell – S/T here.
This Robot Life – Becoming Work Revolutionaries here.
This Providence - Our Worlds Divorce here.
This Providence – S/T here.
thistle - Oxygen E.P. here.
thistle - sea legs here.
thistle - tired anchor here.
Chase Thompson – Shoot You Down here.
Nathan Thompson – Solid Ground here.
1000 Miles From Home – Collusion here.
Beth Thornley – My Glass Eye here.
The 303s – Lines of Parallel Minds here.
Thunderboss - S/T here.
Thunderhawk - IV here.
The Thunderlords – Noisy Songs For Noisy Kids here.
Tiga - Sexor here.
Tiger Army - III: Ghost Tigers Rise here.
Tiger Baby – Noise Around Me here.
Tiger Saw - Sing! here.
Tim Cullen - Fun Razor here.
Time Again - The Stories Are True here.
Time in Malta – Alone With The Alone here.
Time Requiem - Optical Illusion here.
Times of Silence "The Battle Against Mediocrity" here.
Mary Timony - Ex Hex here.
Timothy Cameron – Every Cloud Has A Sulphur Lining here.
Timz – Open For Business here.
Tiny Amps – Trill & Swagger here.
Tiny Voices V.S. Cornholio Split Part I:Tiny Voices here.
Tiny Voices V.S. Cornholio Split Part II:Cornholio here.
Titles – S/T here.
Tober – Harajuku No Emo Ko here.
Todd – Comes To Your House here.
T.O.K. – Unknown Language here.
Tokyo Rose - New American Saint here.
Tolerance – Faster Crashes Harder here.
Toman – Perhaps We Should Have Smoked The Salmon First here.
To-Mera - Transcendental here.
Trent Tomlinson – S/T here.
Tommy and the Terrors – Unleash The Fury here.

Tony Pica - Soul Occupation here.
Torchbearer - Warnaments here.
Torpedo Boyz – Headache Music here.
Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman here.
Torture Killers – Swarm! here.
Toys That Kill - Flys here.
Toys That Kill - Shanked! here.
Transient Tractor - Failure here.
Transistor Transistor – Erase All Name And Likeness here.
Transition – Get There here.
The Transit War – Miss Your Face here.
Trapt - Someone In Control here.
Trench Coat Yuppies - Follow (A) Long here.
Treiops Treyfid - Feelings Of Unreality here.
Trendkill – No Longer Buried here.
Trespasser Williams - Having here.
Triad (Red Sparowes, Made Out of Babies, Battle of Mice) here.
Trinovantes - S/T here.
Tripping Linda - An Empty Bed For A Broken Heart here.
Tripping Linda - Self-Titled EP. here.
Tristen Shields - Migrations here.
Troglodytes – Ria here.
Trolleyvox - The Karaoke Meltdowns here.
Troublepeach-...All About Presence here.
Troublepeach-Demo here.
Troy Lukkarila – Don’t Sit On Tables here.
Troy Lukkarila – Unsafe Structure here.
TRS-80 - Mystery Crash here.
Tsunami Bomb - The Definitive Act here.
Tumblecatpoofpoofypoof. here.
Tundra - S/T here.
Tundra / Gods Among Men Split here.
Jeff Tuohy - Breaking Down The Silence here.
2Pac - Untouchable here.
Turbonegro – Party Animals here.
Turmoil - Staring Back here.
Tusk - Get Ready here.
TVfordogs - Roller here.
21 Wounds - Demo here.
The Twilight Singers – A Stitch in Time here.
The Twilight Transmission – The Dance of Destruction here.
Twinkie Legal Defense Fund-A Their Old Stuff Is Better Records Complilation here.
2Cents - Lost At Sea here.
Two Gallants – Nothing To You (Re-mix) here.
Two Gallants - The Throes here.
Two Gallants – What The Toll Tells here.
Tydyl Wave - Break Down The Walls here.


Ultralord – We Hate You And Hope You Die here.
Ulver - Blood Inside here.
Underoath - Define The Great Line here.
Underworld - The Riverrun Series here.
Underworld – Riverrun Remix here.
Unearth – III: In the Eyes of Fire here.
Unexpect - In a Flesh Aquarium here.
Unwritten Law – The Hit List here.
Unwritten Law-Oz Factorhere.
Upsilon Acrux - Volucris Avis Dirae-arum here.
Up Syndrome-Promo here.
The Upwelling - Self/Titled here.
Urkraft - The Inhuman Aberration here.
Used Alien Mind – Positive Mental Theme here.
U.S. Roughtnecks - Twnety Bucks and Two Black Eyes here.
Yoko Utsumi - S/T here.


The Vacancy - Heart Attack here.
The Vacation – Band From World War Zero here.
Vaeda - State of Nature here.
Vains of Jenna - Lit Up / Let Down here.
Ricky Valente – Loveless Letters here.
Valient Thorr - Legend of the World here.
The Valley Arena - Take Comfort in Strangers here.
Vampire Beach Babes - Reckless Summer. here.
Armand Van Helden - Nympho here.
Van Morrison – At The Movies – Soundtrack Hits here.
V/A – Agave Nectar Vol.1 here.
V/A – Ame…Mixing here.
V/A – Anti-Disco League vol. 1 here.
V/A - Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault : Jawbreaker Tribute here.
V/A - Beep Click Strum Sing here.
V/A - A Benefit for Mr. T here.
V/A - Best of NYC Vols I + II: Live at Continental here.
V/A – The Best of Taste of Chaos here.
V/A – Black on Black: A Tribute to Black Flag here.
V/A - Blizzard Blue #1 here.
V/A – Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids here.
V/A – Bring You To Your Knees : A Tribute to Guns & Roses here.
V/A - Broken Bonez Sampler here.
V/A - Broken Bonez Volume II here.
V/A – Broken Bonez III here.
V/A - Building here.
V/A - Concert For A Cause: A Cancer Benefit Compilation here.
V/A - Dimension Mix here.
V/A - Drum Nation Volume 3 here.
V/A - Emo Diaries, Volume 8 here.
V/A - Emo Diaries, Volume 9 here.
V/A - The Emo Diaries, Volume 10 here.
V/A - The Estrus Kamikaze Ass Chomp N’ Stomp Vol. 4 here.
V/A - Everybody Loves Antiseen here.
V/A - Falling in Love is Wonderful here.
V/A – First Taste of the Morning here.
V/A - The Gearhead Records Thingmaker here.
V/A - Generations: A Hardcore Compilation here.
V/A – Gigantour here.
V/A - Henhouse Studios: Anthology 4 here.
V/A - How Soon is Now? here.
V/A - Hurry Home Early: The Songs Of Warren Zevon here.
V/A - I Love Guitar Wolf Very Much here.
V/A - Imaginational Anthem here.
V/A – Imaginational Anthem Volume 2 here.
V/A - Interesting Flavours here.
V/A - Invaders here.
V/A - here.
V/A – Jarhead: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack here.
V/A – The Killer In You: A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins here.
V/A - Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remixed here.
V/A - Metal = Life here.
V/A - Mohawks and Whiskey Shots here.
V/A - Monster-in-Law Soundtrack here.
V/A - The Morgue The Marrier here.
V/A - Mullets & Alcoholics here.
V/A - The New Crazy here.
V/A – NY2LON here.
V/A - Old Skars And Upstarts 505 here.
V/A - One Two Three here.
V/A - Poor Boy : The Songs of Nick Drake here.
V/A – Psychopop Vol. 1 here.

V/A - Punks and Pints here.
V/A - Punks and Pints Volume II here.
V/A - Punk-o-Rama 10 here.
V/A - The Rap Pouch here.
V/A - Sacto Scene Report here.
V/A - San Diego Is Burning here.
V/A - Show and Tell, Vol. 2. here.
V/A – Skins & Pinz Volume III here.
V/A - Slaying Since 1996 here.
V/A - Smash the States: Redefining Punk Rock from the South here.
V/A – Still Going Strong here.
V/A – Stranded In Stereo Volume 2 here.
V/A – Take Action, Volume 4 here.
V/A - Take Action, Volume 5 here.
V/A - This Is Indie Rock Volume 1 here.
V/A - This Is Indie Rock Volume 2 here.
V/A – This Is Indie Rock Volume 3 here.
V/A - Too Young to Die here.
V/A – This American Life: Stories Of Hope And Fear here.
V/A - This Is How I Kill My Tears here.
V/A – Takeover Records 3-Way Issue #2 here.
V/A - UFC : Ultimate Beatdowns Vol. 1 Metal here.
V/A - Underground Screams here.
V/A - Until The Shaking Stops: A Salute To Jawbox here.
V/A - Version City Sessions here.
V/A – Ypsisongs here.
The Vasco Era - Miles here.
Vaux - Identity Theft EP here.
Vaux - Plague Music here.
Vaz – The Lie That Matches The Furniture here.
Veda - The Weight Of An Empty Room here.
Veda Hille – Return of the Killdeer here.
Velvet - The Juggernaut here.
Vena Amori - The Seduction of An American Housewife here.
Venus Hum - The Colors in The Wheel here.
Versus The Mirror – Home here.
The Very Foundation - Small Reserves here.
The Vestiges - The Promised City here.
Vetiver - Between EP here.
Vetiver - S/T here.
Vetiver – To Find Me Gone here.
Via Mistica - Testamentum here.
Vice Dolls - Die Trying here.
Vice Squad - Defiant here.
Victor Bravo – Shut Out The Sky here.
Victory at Sea – All Your Things Are Gone here.
The Vines – Vision Valley here.
Violet – The Last Cathedral here.
Victory at Sea – All Your Things Are Gone here.

Virus Nine - Blastin' Away. here.
Virus Nine - Bomb Threat '77 here.
Virtual Jungle - S/T here.
Viva K - S/T here.
Voices and Organs – Orphanage here.
Voltage – Building the Bass Castle, Vol. 1 here.
Volumen – Science Faction here.
The Volunteers – S/T here.
Von Iva - Von Iva here.
Claude Vonstroke – Beware the Bird here.
Vore – Maleficus here.
Vreld - Pitch Black Brigade here.


Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright here.
Tom Walbank and the Ambassadors – Mudhook Vol. II here.
Peter Walker - Young Gravity here.
The Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off here.
Walls of Jericho - With Devils Amongst Us All here.
Alex Ward - Hapless Days here.
The Warlocks - Surgery here.
The Warning – All Systems Dead here.
The Washdown - S/T. here.
The Washdown - Yes to Everything here.
Warsawpack - Gross Domestic Product here.
Wax Cannon - Valve here.
The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site here.
Weaklazyliar - Songs For Any Occasion here.
We Are Scientists – With Love and Squalor here.
We Are The Fury - Infinite Jest here.
The Wedding Present – Search For Paradise here.
Ween - Shinola Vol. 1 here.
Wesley Willis and the Dragnews - Greatest Hits, Volume 3 here.
Western Addiction - Cognicide here.
Coles Whalen – Nothing Is Too Much here.
Katharine Whalen - Dirty Little Secret here.
What About Frank – S/T here.
When We Fall – A Cry In Despair here.
White House Crooks - Punk As Funk here.
Whitney Wolanin - Funkology here.
Whole Wheat Bread - Minority Rules here.
Wicked Wisdom – S/T here.
Widow - On Fire here.

A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner here.
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Regard the End here.
Will Not Clear Man Compilation. here.
The Willowz - Are Coming here.
Wilson Gil & The Willful Sinners - American Banned here.
Wingdale Community Singers - S/T here.
Wired All Wrong - Break Out The Battle Tapes here.
Wisely – Parador here.
The Working Title - Everyone Here is Wrong here.
Woke Up Falling - Self-Titled here.
Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind here.
Wolfgang Bang – What Are You Going To Do? here.
Micah Wolf – S/T here.
Wolfmother - Dimensions here.
Wolverine - Still here.
Wolves in the Throne Room – Diadem of 12 Stars here.
Wonderground - Become Water here.
World Leader Pretend – Punches here.
Worry Stones – You Don’t Know What You’re In For here.
Wow, Owls! – Pick Your Patterns here.

Xasthur - Subliminal Genocide here.
Xbxrx - Sixth in Sixes here.
Xiu Xiu - La Foret here.
Xrayok - Like Life here.
XXX Maniak - Harvesting The Cunt Nectar here.


Yellowcard - One for the Kids here.
Yellowcard – Where We Stand here.
Yellow Second – Altitude here.
Yip-Yip – Pro-Twelve Thinker here.
YMCK – Family Music here.
Yoko Utsumi - S/T here.
YouInSeries - Outside We Are Fine here.
Young Widows - Settle Down City here.
Your Days Are Numbered – Dana Walker Rides Again here.
Youth Group – Skeleton Jar here.


Zero 7 – The Garden here.
Zero To Sixty Never – We Work Together...We Die Together here.
Z.O.N.K. – You Oughta Know here.
Zox – The Wait here.

Zozobra – Harmonic Tremors here.